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Buyers Who Give Vague Instructions

There is nothing more frustrating than a buyer who is ridiculously vague. No matter how many times you deliver the work, it’s never what he wants. Yet, he isn’t being specific enough. I had an extremely long day at work today. When I came home, I tackled one of these jobs where the buyer ordered without contacting me first. (Granted, my gig says that all buyers should contact me before ordering, but that’s not the point.)

I wrote a beautiful piece based on the instructions he gave. When I submitted it, he responded with BOLD lettering that that’s not what he wanted. Like I’m some idiot. I revised based on his new instructions. It still wasn’t what he wanted. I just wasted TWO HOURS of my life for NO pay. Absolute waste of time. Thanks for the headache.

lol… welcome to our little side of the internet. :smiley:

That’s why I send samples first, ask for confirmation, once they make that written agreement and ask and accept the gig, that is final! I won’t do revisions unless they pay extra and I won’t cancel either because they verbally agreed and said they liked and wanted the gig, bottom line is they’re still paying for a service, it still takes time for me to do it and time is $ and if they reneg on it after the fact, it just makes them look silly, regardless of whether or not they changed their mind, which is what 90% of them try and pull until you point out all the evidence to them, esp when you tell them you’re sending the screen shots to customer service, weeds out the scammers and time wasters! :slight_smile:

What follows is just my opinion as a buyer here…

It can be difficult for a buyer to make a decent set of instructions, if s/he doesn’t know much about your chosen trade. For example, there’s a cover designer here who does all my e-book covers. I am not a designer. Therefore, I expect my design brief leaves much to be desired. Even so, he always comes up with something brilliant.

Let’s pretend for a moment that he wasn’t so amazing, though: as long as the work fulfills whatever brief was given, it’s a successful assignment. As such he would deserve to be paid his fee.

If I tell him that I want the main colour palette to be, say, blues and greens, then I’d expect the main palette to be in that range. If I don’t indicate a colour palette, and he comes up with something in dove-grey and burgundy, I am in no position to refuse the delivery “because I wanted it in blue and green”, right?

In a similar vein, if you followed your “buyer’s” brief - however vague or non-specific it might be - then you’ve done your job. He shouldn’t have rejected it on the grounds that you chose not to make use of your presumed telepathic powers. (How else would he be expecting you to know what you didn’t tell him? I didn’t see the telepathic-query service in your standard gig description…)

I’d be curious about how much of a revision he wanted. It’s not entirely unlikely that his original intention was to get an article or two for free.

Bah, I hate scammer *- *******ers.

/end rant

Ah, idiots, idiots, everywhere! I went 3 lovely weeks without one, now I’m getting a busload of them. I’m so happy. My newest one sent me two websites: one was offline but cached, the other one has never existed. That was OK though because there was loads of PDF info.

Now I have a revision request because I didn’t provide sources (I was not asked to in the OP), nor contact details (ditto) and there’s no “supply route” (your guess is as good as mine). I just checked out their reviews and more than half of them say “excellent with a lot of revisions”.


I’ve just asked for $50 more for research, mind. If they want me to find sources because their own are borked, well. $$$ plz.

The solution (the one I use anyway): shouts through cupped hands DON’T PROVIDE REVISIONS. Okay, a lot of people disagree with me on this. But here’s the thing…if I do the work according to the instructions I’m given, the buyer does not get to bitch and moan about it not being what he wants. He does not get to provide /more/ instructions. Here’s my analogy.

A buyer walks into a restaurant. He tells the waiter he wants “a steak.” The waiter brings him a steak. Buyer says, “WHAT? This isn’t a ten ounce porterhouse with rosemary and a cognac drizzle!?” At that point, the waiter says, “Well, sir, you didn’t ask for that. You asked for a steak.”

People get what they ask for. If they forgot to ask for something, it’s not your fault and you don’t have to waste your time “fixing” a problem that someone else created. You’re probably not getting paid enough to do that. I don’t care if a buyer doesn’t know very much about the trade. In that case, he should message you beforehand and ask what kind of information you need. And, frankly, that’s kind of a weak excuse. If they can suddenly figure out what they needed after you’ve done the work and delivered it, they should have been able to figure out what they needed beforehand. Otherwise, they should be willing to pay for the additional time their new demands are going to take the seller.

The worst. Mine says I need a specific idea and yet still I get “BE CREATIVE” not for 10.00, nope.

Yeah that’s why I charge extra for revisions, if they want extra work done because they weren’t specific enough to begin with, then that’s their fault, not mine, they have to pay for the privilege, time = $ and don’t have a lot of either unfortunately! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell them they need to be more specific and that you’re not a mind reader, if they want that gig look elsewhere on the site, LOL.

Yes! This one. They give me a long list of specific things and yet they add that they want me to be creative and make it in my own style.

I found it best to keep delivery times longer, this way when a buyer doesn’t provide all the information needed you have some time to get more information.
Personally i never invest any time or money on expenses before i have the information i need in order to complete the gig (learned that the hard way though).

You’re not alone.

Just about every Buyer I’ve had recently has asked for a revision for a ridiculous reason. One wanted a revision for a testimonial video citing “your smile looked forced”, and he requested that I use his new script for the retake! He also mentioned he would give me 5 stars after the revision. Extortion at it’s worse!

And then when they don’t like it, you ask why and how they’d like it revised and they STILL want you to use your creativity. Dude, I did and you didn’t like it, you gotta help a person out. LOL