Buyers who go silent


Anyone else have buyers who place orders then just stop replying to any messages?

I’ve had 3 now where the order ends up being completed automatically


It happened to me before, just make sure you send messages in inbox too, sometimes buyers don’t receive messages notifications from the order page.


ok, thanks for the tip


Facing same type of issue :slight_smile:


If you deliver your order, do not care about rest.


Yes i also faced this issue
Well if you have the requirements do the work and deliver the order
Or if you are not getting response through order page you should message to buyer in inbox


yes… i am agree with jeanvictor

we should remind them through the message and from this we have some advantages.


All the time it happens to me. I have the requirements section filled in so the order won’t start without some basic requirements added by the buyer.


Yes… agree with you … even i did same and i am getting all basic requirements while they order the gig


Sometimes they don’t bother to answer in their inbox messages as well.
I have completed 27 orders so far and I have reviews for the 23.


Thats not too bad overall I suppose


I used to have a few gigs here, including an editing gig and a book trailer gig that did really well. I had several buyers that placed an order and then went MIA. At the time, this was happening to a lot of sellers, but it seemed like nothing was being done about it. So, you know, I just ignored them and left them there.

Then I closed down my gigs and didn’t touch Fiverr for a couple years. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email one day to an email telling me I had a Fiverr gig order! I was shocked and totally confused. LOL I popped over to Fiverr, and wouldn’t you know - a buyer from four years prior had decided to send in some information for the book trailer he had ordered but never responded to. I couldn’t stop laughing. LOL

I informed him that my gigs were gone, and then I contacted CS, who promptly deleted all pending orders. It was several months later that I finally decided I was ready to dive in and open another couple of gigs. But yeah, it happens, and sometimes it comes around to bite you! LOL