Buyers who just cause trouble


Hello Community,

So I’m new to the site and haven’t even been a member for a month, yet I’m doing quite good with almost 50 received orders and a response time of avg. 3 Hrs, 97% positive rating. The work is going excellent with the majority of my buyers, and once I get review, I get real good review.

However, every once in a while I get stuck with these tedious, trouble maker buyer. It has happened to me twice now, and I need some help and tips from more experienced users on how to deal with them.

In both cases it was a buyer whose l first language was not English. Please note, Enligsh is my third language and I always do my best to communicate and be understood - and if someone doesn’t understand me, I try to clarify. However, a buyer just called me “stupid” for not understanding his [broken] English and request to cancel his order - even though I delivered exactly what was ordered and modified the work. I also got a comment to “stick up a thumb in my arse”.

As I said, in 99% of the time, all goes well. But I just can’t put my finger on how to solve these issues that sometimes arise with foreign buyers that are short-tempered, rude, think they can speak to me in whatever way the please (" hey, he’s on Fiver doing work for a buck, lets not respect the guy!") never read the Gig instructions, and think I will deliver the moon and sun for a fiver (again, they don’t read my gig instructions - i deliver, and then they want to cancel because instead of one flyer, they wanted five flyers - even though I clearly state in my Gig description: 5$=1 Flyer).

So PLEASE members, help me out?! What to do!?

/ in Distress


Also, my three gigs are express gigs. Question is, how you do handle those who request a gig, provide you with half the details (I’ve received requests for people who want a logo - and then they didn’t include what they wanted the logo to say!) You nudge them and ask them to provide detail, and they don’t reply until there’s one hour left on your express gig. It will make YOU look bad, even though it’s not your fault. To night for example, I stayed up all night til 8 am just because I knew that if I went to bed at midnight and woke up I wouldn’t be able to deliver my express gig on time as the buyer was not responsive for well over 20 hours!


Just stay positive, and professional! If they lose their cool that’s on them, they’re simply looking for a reaction. Also worn them of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and that:

"Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently."

Once you get the order over with, report them. Screen shot the entire conversation and send it over to Customer Service tell them you want to report for abusive behavior. They’ll handle the rest, and begin monitoring their account. Remember, they’ll keep doing it doing this to other sellers if we don’t let Customer Service know about it, and show them!

Just keep reiterating your gig description, your description is very clear in what you order and you’ve already delivered the work started in your description. Stay professional, and polite, but don’t back down! Best of luck to you!



You said…

"I also got a comment to “stick up a thumb in my arse”."

Tell the buyer you’ll create a gig for that if they’ll buy it !!



Sometimes I really had to do this - even if it’s not 100% okay - do half of work and deliver, saying that I’ll completely finish it through messages if they add neccessary details. Some people are just extremely hard to communicate with, and some will just say “do it” and don’t care if they ask for too much (like you said, more than you offer for that price) or if they tell you all you need to know… seriously, they don’t care. They believe we’re mind-reading wizard robots or something.


Okay so I’m on my 8th day here on Fiverr and I’ve reached 100 orders. In a week. The majority of my buyers are extremely happy with the service offered. However, tonight I got something happening again.

03:36 Buyer places an order

05:01 I deliver the order, after ONLY 1.5 hours(!)

14:29 Buyer marks the order COMPLETED and gives me “thumbs up”.

Please note I delivered your order within TWO HOURS and waited for the thumbs up. I’m based in SWEDEN - time zones, anybody? I was asleep, because that’s what people do during the night. So I went to bed and woke up today and was pleasantly (not) surprised by the buyers thumbs down - again, COMPLETELY unjust. The buyer had during the night while I was asleep, asked for a revision, and when I didn’t reply within 6 hours (I was asleep) she changed her review to a thumbs down.

Absolutely lack of respect towards me as an individual and my basic and Immediate need for survival - sleep, giving me a thumbs down only to harming my sales.

Honestly this is getting to me. I’ve had a great week with loads of sales but I feel like some buyers treat me like shit and go whatever lenghts they can to harm my sales.

And no reply from fiverr support.

I’m honestly thinking about cashing out the revenue I’ve made and just quit this.

voiceoverwork - You’re funny. I wish people would pay me to do that ^^ I’d happily comply!

thepromogirl - I always always always stay professional towards the buyer but then again I need somewhere to vent and let off the steam. I also really am in need of tips and suggestions on how to handle these conflicts. I always keep reiterating my gig description because I don’t want any more of these abusive buyers (even though the majority of the buyers are completely WONDERFUL) trying to get you to do hours of work by threatening with bad reviews.

ynneblack - I always do this as I never let the clock tick down to “late delivery”, deliver the graphic/flyer in the best possible manner and then let them reply and fill in the details missing.


LOL That’s it. I’m quitting offering high quality graphics. I can’t take this any more -_- Sure I got 100 orders in just a week but this just isn’t worth it, angry buyers bashing me and calling me names because I don’t want to to free work for them.

Too bad Fiverr support didn’t get back to me. You could’ve made a lot of money of me :stuck_out_tongue:

print_it said: I was asleep, because that's what people do during the night.

Love this, :)

print_it said: but then again I need somewhere to vent and let off the steam.

Totally understand this! I'm just speaking in regarding to talking with the buyer. A lot of sellers let the buyers see them lose their cool, and they know they've 'got them' so to speak. 8-X


Reply to @print_it: Yeah I have the same problem. Usually I just send them something as close as I think I can provide with the information they have given - then make the necessary modifications when they reply and tell you what they want changed ect. If things go bad and it goes ‘late’ - just contact customer support and explain the situation usually they are pretty understanding and will restore your ‘express’ status on your gig.


Reply to @print_it: I suggest just doing the best you can and ignoring abusive buyers - tell them what your gig description says and if they refuse and want more free work - ask them to buy another gig for it, and leave it at that. If they leave negative feedback after you have done a good job, contact customer support to remove it.

I get how some people don’t realize that the world does not revolve around them and there are other time zones in the world. But a few negative people here and there shouldn’t make you quit - after all you are the one getting the money.


I am going to tell you the same thing I tell all new successful buyers. Do not get blinded by $$. Learning what business to accept and dealing with buyers is the most important part. You can be the best at what ever you do but if you cant deal with unreasonable and just plain ignorant buyers your rating will fall very fast. Refunding is a much better idea then trying to argue wasting your time for 5-$20 when you can please clients that appreciate your work.

CS will tell you they do not settle much disputes themselves.


In every business there will be someone who comes by and does it. There is no getting away from it. You had done good so far, all you have to do is be nice and positive about things and don’t fight back. I know that you are a person but sometimes you have to act like a computer because that’s how all people in businesses do when dealing with customers and go by the rule of “the customer is always right” even though you know they are not.

Tell him what you are offering and make sure to be flexible sometimes if you want positive ratings like offer them something for free so that they will feel that you are being nice and cool down a bit.