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Buyers who just opened an account in February 2017

Is anyone else getting lots of new buyers who just opened an account? If so are you finding them to be frustrating?
I find they always only get a $5 gig. They often say they are in U.S. but can’t understand English. They make a purchase and disappear and do not answer questions.

This started around a month ago. Before then I had seasoned fiverr buyers who have been here a while and are easy to work with. I like the idea of new buyers but they can be a challenge. Has anyone ever had a new to fiverr buyer make a larger purchase?

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I think this is more a case of $5 buyeritis than new buyeritis. Hell, I had a rogue $5 buyer pop up for a cancellation today!

All my $5 ones are new accounts. If they are older they get extras. I must be mentioned on some stupid site again.

Remember how a scammer ordered my gig 9 times from different accounts, all $5 orders many months back? They were cancelled by customer support - except 3 or 4 - on which I forced a cancellation. That affected my position in search results and I still haven’t recovered (though my sales are better than ever).

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I just had a scammer do that from two different accounts. She denied and denied it was her from both accounts and at one point said
"i cryingggg, why you do this to meee" when I told her I needed to cancel.

She wasn’t probably a scammer, just an honest mistake. I don’t know. This guy had 10-12 accounts. Or maybe she wanted to see if you would be able to identify her or not…it was something of a dare/fun/mockery…like that PDP thing. So maybe you dodged a bullet.

(now @emmaki and @silkroute will make fun of me)

She got a $5 gig on each of two accounts. And wouldn’t admit it and lied and lied. I have no idea what she was trying to do.

I have noticed a lot of new “February 2017 - $5” buyers as well lately.

Some of them message me and upload their requirements and they think I’ll work on them right away, without an order.
So I have to explain how the site works but they’re generally understanding.

Maybe it’s because Fiverr’s new “popularity” surge ? :rolling_eyes:

Haven’t noticed more new buyers than usual.

In my experience, seasoned buyers can be the more tight-fisted with their cash than new buyers though, especially if they’re used to spending time hunting out good services for less.

Quite many of my buyers are new. It seems they only come here to have some articles written and then they disappear.

Some people don’t know how to pay, which is fine, except if they don’t have access to a creditcard or PayPal.
Some people don’t fill in the buyer information. I am still waiting for one to do that, I have the article already written (and that was probably a waste of time)
Some people place an order and ask for more than they pay for. 300 words and a bit of research when the basic gig says 200 words without research, or something like that. On two occasions I completed the job and send a message that they should pay more the next time, and they did. :slight_smile:

You can blame pawpaw pewie for all of these occurrences.

My guess is the combination of the new marketing campaign by Fiverr combined with the YouTube guy has created a lot of curious people checking it out.

They don’t know what to expect, how to use it, and are trying things out.

Just a guess, but there has been a lot of publicity recently. That may not attract the users we want, but it certainly would drive new people to take a look.

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It comes in waves, could be due to new marketing. I typically get new buyers who cancel immediately. My only guess is it’s competition that are hoping to dampen the gig?

I had to cancel so many orders this month due to this new buyers who dont know what changes they want in the design.

Just had to cancel the order coz the buyer doesnt know what he/she wants. !!!