Buyers who keep asking for revisions


There have been one or two people who keep asking for revisions, I make music and ive done everything they have asked but it seems like they are never satisfied there is only so much I can do. Every time I deliver modified work, he comes up with something new. For example someone wanted the song to be a bit slower it was slow enough to begin with and then I have to go a redo everything from scratch again and its so time consuming and i dont even get the full $5 as fiverr take about 20% or something like that and paypal takes 5% i feel like its just not worth my time anymore. im fine with fixing a few small things but if they keep requesting huge revisions its just not enough time to get it done. I have also stated in my gig description that i will only do 1 revision for gigs worth $5 but they keep revising it and they will end up canceling the order and leaving a bad review.


You need to put your foot down and explain that as per your gig description, you offer one revision only. If they require more modifications, they need to give you more $. You could offer a gig extra for unlimited revisions to cover this. Remember to contact Customer Support if buyers get abusive or threaten you with a bad review because you’re not giving them a piece of your soul for free!