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Buyers who leave bad reviews just because they can

I wish I could attach screenshots to my review responses! had a buyer leave me a ~3 star review and marked me way down on communication even though I was in constant contact them over the 3-day order process. I even helped them figure out how to copy and paste their script onto the order chat because they didn’t know how to do that.

But yes… I’m the one who needs to improve my communication skills.

A buyer not being able to figure out how to place an order and repeatedly asking for explanations on how to use the order page should always be a red flag for me. It never ends well… and I never learn haha!



Perhaps there was something else you said. We can’t judge unless we hear from the both parties.

I’ll post screenshots in a little bit so that you can see. There was no indication anything was wrong. I’m never rude with buyers :wink:

You got 1k+ reviews and perfect 5.0 star score, no need for anger some people are like that and it is what it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait what? Haha I’m not angry fam I’m just havin a rant on the ranting pot :crazy_face:

I’m not sweating a 3-star review, I’m just chatting about how these kinds of buyers are weird!


(Edit - Apologies @michal247 I didn’t mean to reply directly to your post, not sure why the system did that)

Hey @gwyneth_galvin :slightly_smiling_face:

Long time no see! Nice to see you posting again. Hope you’re keeping well and staying safe!

Before I freelanced, I worked as a sales trainer, and communication was a huge part of the curriculum. We’d try and teach our salespeople to understand the various communication styles, and tailor their message accordingly. It was difficult to do face to face, challenging to do over the phone, and honestly, I think borderline impossible to do via email, never mind a text-only platform like Fiverr where you’re potentially talking to a brand new person every day. How can you possibly know what someone wants to hear/read within seconds of receiving a text message from them?

I was dealing with a buyer last week who was so blunt it was borderline rude. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that he didn’t actually despise me with every fibre of his being like his messages implied, rather it was his preferred communication style. He left a glowing review in the end.

Then I’ve got this other fairly regular buyer who is SO over-friendly in his messages, he’s almost flirty (and it’s the male half of Cubitt Audio writing this, and he’s very aware that he’s talking to me and not my partner! :laughing: ). I showed my partner some of his messages to get a 2nd opinion the other day and she burst out laughing… :man_facepalming:

I now have a policy of accepting that we deal with so many people, I can’t be a totally different person to each one. Most people seem to be cool with how we communicate, and if a small number think we could do it differently, so be it!


Ouch. A 3.7 when they say you provided a great and warm voice is a slap in the face. But it seems they are a new buyer and you might have been their first order.

I always feel some trepidation from brand spanking new buyers as they likely don’t have a clue in regards to site decorum and norms, and may genuinely believe a 3.5-4 star review is fantastic and would only give 5 stars to someone who paid their rent, found their missing pet, mended their marriage, and cooked them dinner all at the same time.


hahaha this made me laugh! I feel you :joy:


I recently had a buyer who didn’t pay for the required commercial rights and also didn’t pay for the additional revisions, all very clear in my gig. I ended up just letting it go because I could smell trouble. So he got away with over $100. He then has the nerve to mark me down on ‘service as described.’ After the rage passed, I just laughed it out. Actually, thinking about it again now, I can feel the rage bubbling back up. :slight_smile: