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Buyers who never responds to completed deliveres


Some buyers are just weird. After lengthy explanations and discussions… they place orders ( which is fine).
But after the project is done and delivered, for weeks there are no feed backs, replies or even modification requests so the order automatically gets completed. That also affects unrated too…

And then, several weeks after that… the buyer appears from nowhere…and messages me that the delivery was not quite what she expected and i need to revise.

I had a couple of issues like this and im really fed up with explaining them all that. Some dont even understand that their project is not the only one that i do here constantly im moving from project to project.

What are my options here ? :confused:


This is normal, some buyers are very busy, they don’t have time to look at the delivery. I had clients that order and go on vacation, real vacation, and reply only after getting back.

And there are some buyers simply don’t like the delivery and at the same time they don’t want to give a lower rating to the seller because they are kind and honost buyers.


This is general advice that I’ve found to be true:

Two things:

  1. It’s business, and you have to learn when/how it’s called for to be an “unsympathetic bastard”, The “how” is the most important part.
  2. Raise your rates.

That’s the fastest way to weed out the bad buyers.
That’s the real game on Fiverr. Finding how much you can charge without losing needed business.

Hard Truth: People tend to prey on the cheap $5 gigs and gigs that don’t have clear descriptions of what they will and won’t do because of lack of respect.
There are two major groups of buyers on Fiverr. The good ones and the bad ones. You should market toward the good ones.

EDIT - I felt a need to add something here
Respect is a 2-way street. When you don’t make a clear description of what you do and don’t offer and what you will and won’t do, you’re not respecting the buyer. They don’t know! How could they know? You never told them! Respect is reciprocal. To get respect you have to give respect. So respect your buyers by being clear in your gig descriptions!

Weeks - means the gig is long over, your money is in the bank.
In 4 1/2 years I’ve NEVER had someone come back like that.
Be clear and FIRM in your gig descriptions of what you will and won’t do.

When someone asks for something unreasonable, I always respond with a quote for more money. The message usually goes something like. “Hey Joe! Sure, no problem! Since you only ordered a single session, and the gig you ordered doesn’t include free revisions, Attached is the quote for the additional booth time.” 90% of the time they go ahead and order! And nobody has EVER complained :slight_smile: Because it’s FAIR.

If they did protest, I’d explain that by not offering free revisions, I am able to keep my prices lower and that when it comes to revisions, they only have to pay for what they need, as opposed to paying for revisions up-front with other sellers."

You have to be a hard bastard, but wrap it in the friendliest manner possible. It’s traditionally called “Putting a spin on it.”

If you are very clear up-front (In your gig description. You did use EVERY FAQ slot, didn’t you?) then you are covering all your bases and showing that you work fairly for a fair price.

Learn the power of NO, and the many friendly ways to say it and you’ll go far.


very good advice from you! :slight_smile:


“single session” this word sounds powerfull!


I suppose it can seem “powerful”. It’s a standard term in my business. As a voiceover artist, we do “recording sessions”. I always look at it like this: You are paying for a specific block of time in my booth/studio. I have sessions ahead of yours and sessions after yours, and to be honest they are paying WAY more money than your Fiverr order. So while I’’’ certainly give you 100% of the “Dave Merrick Sound”, You’re not going to get special priority over my high $$ clients.

I often wonder in my head anecdotally about these “bad” buyers: Do you also do things like walk into a Aston Martin Dealership and ask them to price-match the Kia across the street? Chances are that nobody has ever done this in real life. Why? Think about that.


Yep, I fully understand how you feel.

How I deal with this is that usually send them a message after 2 days stating that order will be automatically marked as complete from Fiverr’s side in 24 hours, post which I will not be able to help them with anything. So if they need anything, they should ask now, and then I end it with; if they are satisfied then they can feel free to mark the order as complete. Sometimes I’ll also mention that I would appreciate if they could leave their review if I feel they were satisfied and I was on good terms with them throughout the process.

If they reply, great! If not… I just move on.


most buyers do understand the basic theory here. even yesterday i had to argue and reason with a buyer who got a prototype design done by me and after 6 adjustment revisions, he was satisfied. ( whew) and you know what he told me after all was okay ?

He claimed that he was an inventor and would mark my order complete when he sells his device! lmao…

I said okay and let him be because it would be marked completed automatically anyway.