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Buyers who orders by "Mistake"

So in the couple past days, I am trying to eliminate my cancelations and delivery on time date to prepare my self for St. Levels Day, and this comes up.I don’t know how someone selects all my extras from the Gig and order by Mistake, I have made 9 cancelations in my entire career on Fiverr, and every single one of them is Buyer ordering by mistake.



I’m with you on this one, particularly when it’s a relatively large amount of money, and as you say, with all the extras. :slightly_frowning_face:


Please remove the buyer’s name. It is against forum rules to show it. :confused:

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oh wow, thanks, I thought I removed it but it also shows up in the middle.

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I don’t want to sound -ve. I have seen that sometimes sellers in your niche will come up with buyer account and will order and cancel.

This way your ranking goes down and in effect they improve their ranking. I personally didn’t have such issues. But I did have a client a client who ordered “By Mistake” - now that month my orders went down as my ranking went down.

I know that client was genuine as she would order on regular basis. So, I had to bite the bullet.

Maybe Fiverr can come up with a system that Order cancelled due to “By Mistake” shouldn’t affect our rankings.


Yeah, I suspect that it was done on purpose, he did not even say sorry, just “Cancel the order, accident”.

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