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Buyers who places order by MISTAKE, Need a Doctor!


Like seriously?? this happened to me 4/5 times! every time i tried hard to maintain a low cancellation rate, find some buyers, who place order and next min says, I ORDERED BY MISTAKE and ask for CANCELLATION! Dude, are you serious! ? who place an order by mistake, you need to go through 2/3 page before you finalize and press okay for placing the order. Well. when happened to 1st time, i was like okay, here is the refund. but 3/4 times from different buyers not normal! !
well, i dont mind to cancel , but your mistake effecting my account! hope CS do something about this kind of prob! this kind of cancellation should not be added on the total cancellation percentage!


Hahaha yeah, :rofl:

sad to know the seller could not erase the cancellation from history and I didn’t know if that will make an effect for the sellers credibility. :sunglasses:

Fact : The sellers has and already write description as clear as well for everyone to read and understand it very well.

Suggestion : Maybe it’s now the time to remove the order button to make sure the buyers always contact the sellers before place an order due avoid the cancellation and misunderstand.

So, both user (the sellers and the buyers) could more have a Happy Ending. :joy:


100% agree with you.sad thing is it’s count as cancelled order…and nothing to do with that.if buyer requested to cancel order.we should, otherwise they can cancel it through Cs.


well i dont mind if buyer place order before sending a text! actually i prefer that more! cause the numbers of order i get , if every buyers start sending text , and i keep continue replying all, i will not have time to work , will pass all my day just replying! i just want dont place order, if you want to cancel it next mins!


well yeah more text that’s mean more time to waste, so it’s now depend on the buyers itself, because as I said most of the sellers already write the description as clear as well for everyone to read and understand it very well.


It is clearly written that this kind of cancellation does not affect the seller.

I seem to be the only one who READS things around here.