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Buyers who rush you

I can’t be the only one who has buyers who rush you. For example, order 3 day and then after a couple hours asks when will it be done. This last one, sends me a message a few hours after ordering and I tell him 3 days. Well it just rolled over to a new day 2 hours into the order, so in his mind, it’s now day 2. So I have to explain as one would to a child, that 3 days means 72 hours from the time-stamp on your order start.

Anyway, he messages again this afternoon and I tell him, it is not due till tomorrow afternoon. He wants it sooner, so I offer to sell him expedited delivery, he declines. Then shortly after he sends me a message that simply says “Waiting…”

I have never cancelled an order so quickly.


I had one buyer who said “waiting” after a couple of hours so I too cancelled.
There seems to be some areas of the world where they think they need to constantly hound sellers to get something from them. They thought I was a lazy donkey that had to be continually beaten to move along.


Again… I can’t imagine the logic of someone who asks you to cast a spell- fully in their hearts believing in the power of spells- and then has the audacity to risk making you upset.


Well now that you mention that I won’t argue. So right afterwards he agreed to the cancel, he messaged me that I had wasted his time. Rather than telling how much of a time waster it is to keep answering messages, I just blocked him.


Hmm, we may have the same client in common, dear. Sometimes certain lovely clients make you want to sit down and meditate…or have a fat drink. Success to you all and cheers from Cancun.


They come to the sale from the beginning with a hostile adversarial attitude.
Why? Probably to try to get something for nothing in the end.
So an attempt at intimidation is part of the plan.

They would be saying it wasn’t done right and demanding a refund as soon as you delivered.

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It happens a lot with some buyers… They want it ASAP, but they’re not paying extra fast delivery, and they ignore the fact that I don’t offer guaranteed delivery within 24 hours (or faster).

They just want it ASAP. Because it’s urgent.

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It happens a lot with me too.

oh god i get this all the time, people expect me to write a hit song in one or two days its impossible and i also have a job so fast delivery for me is very impossible. People order and want it delivered in a few hours and im like really…


Happens here as well unfortunately… nothing to do about it

It is so stressing… or they expect an answer immediately and if they dont get it start spamming with messages one after another… Had the same “waiting” or “???” and so on. So frustrating

I had one after me explaining politely how things work to tell me to ‘f*ck off’ lol


I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

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I’ve had a few of those - but I remind them they chose a gig with a longer time frame due to a lot of bulk orders (which I tend to get quite often) and I will get to it as quickly as I can. I tell them if they need a faster service, then they need to order an extra fast option. If they refuse, then I politely tell them that I cannot jump them ahead of the line in the queue and to expect the project within the stated time frame. I even offer to cancel the gig.

Most times, they’re understanding. If they constantly hound me, I make it a point to work on their project right before deadline.


Just ignore them :smiley:

Jokes aside, just answer politely but don’t worry too much about it. They are bad clients anyway.

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I think buyers like this don’t even have respect for sellers. However, it is advisable to let them know before ordering one final time what your terms and conditions are, and what they’d be expecting as delivery. This is exactly what I do and I learnt this after a bitter experience with a client.

Rushing is one thing, but THAT is just plain bratty, entitled behavior. “I want my candy NOW!!” Good thing you cancelled. Rushing is one of my three red flags that allow me to size up a potential buyer for Blocking them. I can smell them a mile away: they talk about how much in a hurry they are before talking about the order. It’s a manipulation/mental game: if they yank you around as a test, and you comply, it means you are desperate for the sale and they continue to wipe their feet all over you. I have NEVER had smooth communication with a buyer who was in a rush, and not worth the hastle. I used to try to explain things, even had a template answer. Just block them and move on. Their negativity will only infect you and mess up your day. Won’t do it for $5 or $500.


Gosh… do I hate buyers like that… I get them so often recently… Sending messages constantly, rushing me…even after just a few hours an order has been made…Just wears me down.

And silly me, sometimes I rushed the order as a ‘favor’ without getting paid for it - don’t do my mistake! Then the buyer get used to it and expects every time she/he message asking for a speed delivery to get it…
I even had a case recently when after agreeing a few times and delivered very quickly, and then I said she has to pay if she wants it that quickly, the buyer got mad at me and wrote to me: “You understand nothing” aka thats not how business is done… and me explaining politely there is extra fast delivery was translated to her as ‘my nasty attitude’ being totally ungrateful for how many times I delivered in a day after she asked me…

Do not expect from such people appreciation and don’t make compromises with your time and prices is my new lesson learned.

I have so many cases like this, also as the mentioned: “Waiting…” and a buyer sending different message every 5 minutes…

I have the feeling that there are people in here who just make an order to torture one way or another a seller and behave bossy or something…