Buyers who rush


So, Monday I get an order with 3 day delivery. Tuesday, I get a message that says, “We are waiting for delivery tomorrow”. I advise that the delivery is scheduled for Thursday morning, not Wednesday. Buyer responds, “but if you can get it sooner I would appreciate it.” Of course buyer does not appreciate it enough to actually pay to expedite the order.

Then this morning I get “when will you deliver?”, I say "Thursday morning (editing out the part about how I had already explained it so that a 5 year old would understand) and buyer says "I was hoping you would do us a favor, bummer.)

I now waste more time explaining that this is business, and that I had orders ahead of his, many who had paid the extra $100 to upgrade to 24 hour delivery. Finally decided to cut my losses and cancel the order as it was taking more time dealing with than it was worth.

How much of your soul do you allow these demons to take?


Since I am newish I do not often get “lines” of orders and none of them have ever rushed me. Well, there was one buyer that said, “Start now.” But since he was my only order that was not an issue . . . except for how rude it sounded. :roll_eyes:


Yeah, that would have made me put you right at the top of the list.


Unfortunately in my desperation to get good reviews and more gigs, I frequently will ‘rush’ to get an order out before the due date. I wonder if others like me have now added to the fast delivery at no extra cost expectation that some seem to have? :confused:


That is a good question. :thinking: I deliver when I am done with an order. I do not wait until close to delivery time to do so. I have seen discussions where some sellers intentionally wait to deliver. However, I am like you, when I have completed an order I send it. :no_mouth:


I have had that happen too many times! With buyers like that- you’re usually guaranteed a bad review, as well – when you DO complete the order.

Recently I had a buyer whose advertisement I was just about to hand in- request a cancellation due to “not getting any results at all”… I, of course declined, explaining that, of course he has had no results, but I had just posted his ad and that I complete my orders, in the order they are received, unless a buyer purchases expedited service.

He requested cancellation again… we played this game 4 times, until I finally cancelled. The annoying thing was that because I had already posted his ad, he was getting clear results, engagement from my work, yet I had to cancel.

From my experience, had I refused, he would have just gone to CS, and they would cancel for him… so I – like you, cut my losses and moved forward…

That’s a lose, lose situation, unfortunately.


I come across these buyers a lot. How do I convey the fact that I am not obligated to deliver until the deadline? Why do they feel entitled to get work before my other buyers who have been waiting longer/actually paid the extra fast fees? sigh


Dang, that is a miserable way to start the new year…
here, have some coffee. It usually helps! :coffee: :pie:


I had many of them, unfortunately.

But, one was the worst. Buyer ordered around 2AM my time. Just regular $5 gig. In around half an hour she said, we need it fast. Again after half an hour asked when it will be delivered. After 10 min, “we are in hurry here please reply”. And in about half an hour again, got cancellation request saying, “gig will not be deliver in time”. And that happen 2 hours after she ordered a gig in middle of the night.


I did one within 6 hours the other day at no extra charge. Did they leave a review? No.


What’s worse is working with other Fiverr sellers wanting expedited delivery. Of course without paying a dime-nickel or penny for it. I guess, they think because they are a fellow-seller they get a free pass or something. Um, hell no! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The next one that wants it extra fast gets a custom offer for that. $50.


How about when they pay for 24 hour delivery, then order revisions and expect you to once again rush into the studio and deliver in 24 hours without again paying for fast delivery. I have had to explain that paying the 24 hour delivery fee once does not give you a lifetime pass to have me drop everything and run into the studio.



Wow, that’s just nutty. They assume the studio doors are opened 24-7, they assume we are awake 24-7. Hello, we don’t live in the studio! Blah and gah


Wow, so many crazy things with that. Buyers should be held accountable for the deadline they agreed to upon ordering, especially just a $5 gig. It’s a slippery slope regarding cancellation there too, since the buyer can just use the defense of not receiving work despite it not being due.

I had a similar experience with the middle-of-the-night spam. I checked my phone past midnight before going to bed, and I had 4 fresh messages from the same user. “Hello? Can you help me? It says you’re online. Why aren’t you responding?” Insert a bunch of exclamation marks and crazy formatting in there, of course. I couldn’t believe the guts this guy had an immediately told him I wasn’t available to help him, since I couldn’t from where I was.


A little while ago I got a message from a new buyer who was actually a colleague of a regular buyer (who was great to deal with). Basically the new guy introduced himself as being the one who was now going to be the one dealing with me (this was confirmed by the boss/my previous contact) and he asked for a custom offer.
I sent the offer and then the new guy came back asking for lower pricing and a couple of other things in addition to the special deal I had with the other guy. Basically, he was trying to be the big boss and crack some metaphorical whip with all talk of previous orders, future orders etc.

I don’t need to deal with man-children.
I withdrew the custom offer and said no, my prices are already reasonable enough and the deal I had with (his boss) was fair. I then gave him names of two other sellers who offer the same service and suggested he contact them.

I sent a screenshot of the conversation to the boss.
The following day I heard back from the boss and he apologized and said “you won’t be dealing with him again”.

My thinking is to be absolutely fair in your price, service etc but if someone else is unreasonable then just wish them well.


It’s nice when they put up a giant red flag that tells you not to work with them.


Yes, it takes all the wind out of their sails when you say, “I am not right for you, but good luck finding another seller.”

Well Played


The old “I refuse to sell to you” trick.


Oh yeah, I couldn’t sell you a car this powerful. You might hurt yourself.