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Buyers who Squeeze your creativity and hold you hostage?


Today I was victimized, Taking a huge interest in being a Fiverr seller, Creating branding experiences and relationships across my “ Fiverr Venture” Unfortunately today, As the Buyer “Fragglesrock” Bought one of my Gig’s … Then once it was the gig was delivered, the buyer then started to engage in a misleading hurricane of bad news.

Keeping a good relationship is key in this business, in any business, We are very understanding, we kindly swallowed our tongues and presented additional work that was requested once the first gig was ordered and delivered and apparently not what was asked for, in addition We sent a detailed message describing what was done and what the buyer said, again he said it was a misunderstanding, He then did this 3 more times while threating us by saying he will leave us bad feedback it isn’t want he wanted, he did not want to hear anything else but wanted more work and more. As he finally said, after the 5th time of delivering 5 different Gigs from his one gig , keep in mind, He then requested an order cancellation after all of this saying: (Wrong Gig Delivered.) I was furious, That Thief. I’ve spent days trying to make this client happy, while this client had me held by the throat, it’s disgusting how people Squeeze the life out of our creativity and work taking sellers for granted . Trying to keep a professional standard, but how can I? I am being laughed and mocked, insulted to the point where I am being robbed right between my teeth. All of this resulting in the buyer leaving Horrible feedback! Sending off his butchered misleading story to fiverr customer service where they then sent me 2 emails Saying “Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level One status. Therefore, we have removed the Level One badge from your account, along with the features that came with it. “ Along with Fiverr Account warnings notices. Dealing with bad apples, sometimes when you have a hutch of a feeling of something isn’t right, leave it before you get victimized, Sorry if I am ranting at an aggressive tone, it isn’t the fact that I lost the payment, I was tossed around for my work and It’s the fact that Fiverr takes the side of this disgusting activity to happen leaving me dead weight swallowing my pride with my tail between my legs. Be careful out there guys. I wish you the best of luck hopefully you never fall in the experience that I just had.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. Please report any wrongful behavior directly to Customer Support


@vsanto18 the buyer you are referring to left their own version of events on the forum here. I suggest you take a look at the thread. I don’t want to post it here but it is not too hard to find.


I’m a “one and done” kind of guy.

Unless it’s my mistake, I’m finished. I’d sooner refund a buyer who is unhappy than try to convert them in most cases. It’s WAYS easier to give birth than to raise the dead.


im just disgusted an so angry at the fact that Fiverr can take the Scammers side then my side, Yeah I was a little rough with my words, but who wouldn’t be after being tossed right left and ripped ? In this case it wasn’t my mistake, I would of loved to be finished then I got the gun to my head and threated with " Bad Feedback " on buyers response.


Thanks @markp I spoke with customer support…I Search the forum, Nice edit on referring to his own version of events, The buyer is clearly multiplied or bipolar, whatever it is, I wish never to do business with such a person. Everything on my end is back to normal, I got my badge back. Fiverr did a great job looking into what was said in the events, Fiverr also believed that I was in favor and the buyer was trying to " Force Gigs" out of my Fiverr account and mistreat me.


I think this has happened to most of us. It is quite frustrating and getting to the point where, like anarchofighter, I would rather give them their money back than continue doing free work to make them happy. Or maybe adding watermarks to my work first to make sure that are satisfied before sending them all of the requested files. Well, I am glad to hear you got your account status back. That is definitely a nightmare of a situation, to be used and then punished for it.


Did Fiverr remove the negative feedback for those transactions?


@allysonmichelle Well now… from my experience, if I have a hunch or the buyer asks me over 15 questions before buying a Gig. I answer the buyer every time but still continues to ask the same question in 15 different ways resulting to the same answer. My guess, its trouble or the buyer wants to see how much he can squeeze. I stay away. I spoke with Fiverr, @mominsession unfortunately They can not remove negative feedback. Unless the buyer agrees to have it removed. It sucks yeah, but keep in good spirit and turn the page wish for the best.