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Buyers who think they 'own' you for the day with a Fast order


A buyer buys the $5 gig with a fast extra, hakuna matata. That buyer still only gets the $5 gig. Isn’t that the way it should be?

I’ve had it happen more times than not where buyers who order fast extras seem to think they’ve bought you for the day and come back with tweaks and questions and new requirements constantly. (I’m dealing with a particularly good example of this at the moment and it’s especially annoying because their file is so large it crashes my Mac and makes my windows laptop unusable for half an hour every time I do anything).

I probably need to stomp on this early and treat it like any other $5 order but I find it hard when the buyer’s paying extra for something I do 90% of the time anyway.


Upsell them for extras when they request extras. Use the situation to your advantage.


A bit off topic-- I had a small $5 order today. Woke up early in the morning, delivered, confident everything would be just fine.

Ended up doing 18 revisions for that $5 order, as the buyer kept wanting ‘‘just one more small change’’.

I know, it’s my fault for offering unlimited revisions, which I used as a promotion tool lately.

So, I do understand how you must feel. :smirk:


I guess your peace of mind and working laptop is more important. Send him gig extras and if he dont agree, simply cancel it. They think they can get everything for $5 because after all its FIVErr.


Just tell them nicely that if they want something else in particular they can take a look at your gig extras.


Unbelievable. I thought i am the only one who has this type of buyers. Looks like I am not alone. usually their remarks when they hit modification " every thing is perfect. Can you just…" umm ok and this continues.


Exactly! ‘‘Everything is perfect, just one thing: […]’’


I wish they would know what actually perfect word mean.


:arrows_counterclockwise:Unlimited Revisions are for Noobies.


Happens a lot on this platform. And we bend over backwards, because, it’s the ‘precious’ feedback’, that doesn’t want to be tarnished. Buyers are getting smarter and pushing the limits.


Sometimes the needs are at a level that you cannot provide in a day. No matter the price. And you know that every rush order is placed by someone who acts like they’ve drank three energy drinks. :slight_smile:

I have this written on my bathroom mirror. “No jobs are better than the wrong jobs”.


I totally agree. I took free revisions off the menu as soon as I got to level 1. I understand that while you are trying to get to level 1 a seller may want to take all sorts of jobs and do all sorts of revisions even giving away the store to get a few good reviews on the board. I did that and remember being apprehensive to start ratcheting it up pricewise once I got to level 2, but I slowly started adding extras and charging for what I had been doing for free. My orders kept coming in and I made more money. Recently, (after reading a comment from emmaki) about how she charges $100 for express service, I decided to try it. To my amazement, I have sold 8 of them in a month…far more than I ever would have made on express delivery at $10. Plus, I’m not constantly running into the studio every time someone throws another $10 on an order.

Bottom line is that you should never give it away cheap, and price it to keep the jerks out. Now I’m thinking of losing the $5 price and putting in that $10 meksell firewall.

I probably owe Emma a tip.


A bit more context. They’ve paid $40. $30 for the gig including the fast extra, then they completed the actual order and left a $10 tip. They’re now after fixes to their data because the formula tied up their computer too.

I have no revisions on all my gigs, but if someone’s paying a bit extra as a tip, then I’m going to do a revision or two. I suppose it comes back to the old question, what is a revision, and when does a question become a revision.

And it comes down to the extras I should offer. I probably need to charge laptop time. I probably need a disclaimer that if they send me a tonne of data and want a formula, then it’s not my problem to fix their data if their computer suddenly freezes up. I probably need to re-add the extra I took off for some vague reason I can’t remember (I think it was too difficult to fix a price) that if their data needs reorganising I’ll do it but I’ll charge them.

And maybe I need to stick to my guns a bit with the you still bought the $5 gig even if you paid extra to get it done fast.


Wow, you sold eight $100 express extras in a month?! That’s impressive!.. Are any of them on $5 orders? I’m only curious, because people order my $10 express all of the time on 5.00 orders, so I fear if I up it, I’d be out of their budget range all together. Plus, the voiceover category is so competitive, it seems I would risk losing the sale all together. But, it’s true that if you state your value, people will believe you and, it seems to work for you!
maybe when I get 500 reviews or something, i’d up it…


Absolutely, the extra fee is to get you to drop what you are doing, It does not mean that you get a bunch of free stuff. I also resist the urge to let them eat up the tip by asking for more work.


I have sold three orders at $105 which were a sentence or a tagline. The agencies are willing to pay this. All of the people who bought it were professionals. I have to admit $105 for 3 minutes work is fun.


It is a mistake to underestimate what buyers are willing to pay if you know you are good.

Never underprice yourself unless you are new and need reviews.


Yes, and you price yourself out of the folks who will make your life miserable. I have to admit when I priced rush at $100 I figured I’d sell none and have to come back to $10. I was amazed.


It is those buyers who are brand new to fiverr who cautiously only part with $5. The ones who are around here for a while will spend $50 or more easily if you have the reviews to back up your work.


Interesting, thanks for sharing.
3 mins for $105. It’s fun to think that would be making you sit a $2100/hr rate. Ballin’! :slight_smile: