Buyers who treat Sellers unfairly [Title Edited by Moderator]


Well, I’m not going to give you my list, but I’ll tell you how I’ve been compiling it.

I’ve started perusing the TRS and Level 2 Sellers in my sub-category looking for 1 star reviews in their ocean of 5 stars. It always seems to be 1 star, never 2, never 3, and never 4 they receive. It’s plain to see that these Sellers work hard for every review.

I consider that the Buyer may have had a legitimate complaint, but when I read the Seller’s reply, and they convince me they were treated badly, then on my spreadsheet the Buyer’s username goes.

Now, should one of those Buyers contact me, I’ll know who I’m dealing with. This may seem like a lot of work (it’s not), but so is working with nasty people.


Why did you title your post to suggest that you intend to publish a list? Even if you did publish your list of names it would be in violation of the TOS with this site. If this was YouTube I’d call your post clickbait. It’s just a useless post.


Calm down.

It’s OK not to like what someone posted here, but to point your finger and accuse them of scheming when they were merely offering a solution to a common problem is not in keeping with the community spirit of this Forum.


Great job to keep youself far from nasty reviews…:frowning:



I just imgur any buyers who leave reviews that aren’t entirely truthful. You lot should do the same. Turn a negative into a positive and make all the other glowing reviews work for you as that buyer who pissed and whined looks like a chump. #winrar


I had my first one that submitted a cancellation request after getting her delivery and asking questions to make sure she knew how it worked and she got it right.
Her reason: “I changed my mind.”

Lots of threats from her ensued while she repeatedly said “I need my money back” as the only explanation.


Oh, that’s easy. I had one of those and took it to CS. They too care of it. “I changed my mind” isn’t a valid reason!


WHAAAAAT? She changed her mind so she gave YOU a 1 star? At least she let your prospective Buyers know that’s one review that should be ignored.

She’s going on my list!


Ah yes, play the monkey game, if she does issue a 1-star they will delete it. Of course, that comes with the caveat of them coming back to leave another one (in my experience, the rare time that happens, CS just knocks that off too if it’s another wild-eyed 1-star. Most times they leave, happy that their $5 has RUINED you).

She’s full of shit, you’ll be fine. Play the shitty game.


What a cow.

Actually, this isn’t a point that’s been discussed on the forum before (to my knowlege). If a buyer pulls all this shit then drops that she’s gonna use her bank to get her cashback anyway, then that’s beond the usual “YOU DO SHIT I HATE YOU RAWGH” stuff that goes into possibly more legal ground.

Not that anyone is going to persue it over $5, but still. She ordered the goods, she got them and now she’s gunning for a refund That’s just theft, and now she’s outlining it… she must know about the credit unless you told her.

Still though, what a cow. If you’re reading this, you bovine braincell, let me explain: mooo


If she needs $5 that much, then she shouldn’t be spending it on your services when it could go to the bills or whatever.

I’d like to see how the “I changed my mind” argy works when its the electric company and that kind of thing. Or her cell payment. etc.

moooooooo moo, moo moo moo. MOO!