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Buyers who want samples before they order

I had a buyer, or a “browser” who wanted me to send him a sample so he could see if he wanted my service. He contacted me again to make a modification, then another, then another… Are you kidding? You haven’t even placed an order yet. Then he was upset because I wrote “sample” in faded letters across the image. What did you think? You were getting the finished product for free?


I never give samples. I always point to my feedback and say that I am going to do a good job.

tonydeo said: I had a buyer, or a "browser" who wanted me to send him a sample so he could see if he wanted my service. He contacted me again to make a modification, then another, then another...

"Samples" never get "modified". Not in Fiverrland, not in the real world. Don't waste your time providing free work for a tool or stressing over it.

If a customer wants writing or graphic designs samples I show them recent work from my portfolio and explain i never do free samples. If they would like to do 1 gig and then if they’re interested come back for more they’re welcome too that’s fine. My clients who need multiple projects always come back after reading or looking at samples. Never ever get taken advantage of. That’s what people do on the contest sites and only 3 people get paid while the rest don’t get nada. You’re time is too valuable. Report a buyer who wants a free sample of your product.

Reply to @kjblynx:

Are they really that blatant in their responses to try to get a free sample?


When someone asks for a sample, you send them a sample of work you’ve done in the past. Why would you make one just for them? They’re basically asking to see your portfolio.

finalstep said: When someone asks for a sample, you send them a sample of work you've done in the past.

finalstep said: They're basically asking to see your portfolio.

I think as a general rule, they're just trying to get free work. Unless a seller is very, very new and hasn't set up an image or video, any potential buyer should already be able to see 'sample work' by looking at the users profile/gig description and anything that's in their Fiverr portfolio.
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So you can just upload a sample of relevant work you did for another client when asked for one. I don’t understand why you would make one for that buyer.

Some customers want a freebie sample though and want you to try and write 100 word or draw up something or create a mock logo. Then they get pissed if you put a watermark over the sample so they can’t re-use it. I never ever do work for free. This is not volunteer work. We get paid meager amounts sometimes…why would we subject ourselves to customers leeching off our abilities.

I have never had that happen before. People ask me for samples all the time so I just give them previous work. If they want a business plan i’ll show a business plan I did in the past. If they want a website I’ll show a website my company made. they want a sales pitch, i’ll show a sales pitch i did for someone. Never had anyone question it. Why would you make one from scratch?

Reply to @finalstep: I don’t. I learned after my first few order inquiries here as a newbie to never ever ever offer free work to a prospective customer with no strings attached. If they aren’t ordering from you or offering something in return like free promotion or something like that…next person please.

I had one guy actually get upset because I put the word “sample”, in faded text, across the sample graphic. He wanted to know why I didn’t trust him. Actually made me laugh. Nitwit.

People are insane. Earlier today I actually removed a part of me offering a sample (for translations; as I don’t share the translations I do for others) because no one asks for it, and if they do, they do so by ordering one gig and giving me part of a longer text and I figured I might as well remove it, and now I’m glad that I did just in case I ended up with someone like this!

But to have people act like this, that’s insane! I would report them. We don’t earn a lot as it is for what we do. It’s bad enough when people reject an order after it has been delivered perfectly well to try to get their money back, but this is just moronic.

a sample just means your work in the past with watermark on it, and just for preview, not any modification. I would report this user. “upset” of being not provided free work :-s

I think I’ve got a good idea on the ‘free sample’ thing. My gig is not active right now but when it was, it was in ‘article writing’ and I simply referred potential customers to look on the internet for samples of my writing.

In my case, I’ve been blogging under mostly the same ‘handle’ for about 10 years so my feeling was rather than send the person some samples that (1) might not be what they want or might categorize me in a niche that I wasn’t interested in being categorized in, or (2) the buyer might use them without paying me for them…I just said "Google XXXXXX and you’ll see samples of my writing on a variety of subjects going back many years."

That always seemed to do the job for me… in article writing.


Reply to @ryangillam: true that. just had my first experience with a buyer this week who wanted samples. Pointed him to feedback.

Oldest gimmick in the book, especially for us Freelance writers. Best thing to do in that case is give them a previous work already used — and tell them so — that way they know it isn’t original and they can’t use it lest they are outright dishonest. Or take a small portion in quotations. Putting SAMPLE on your stuff. That always gets them pretty good!

I got had last time by one of these guys.

if a client asks me for a preview or a sample of my work, i direct him to my live preview. its there for that reason specifically lol.

I had some guy contact me asking for a drafted logo to which I replied I don’t send any work unless you have purchased the gig and he then replied back telling me to 'get screwed’

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