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Buyer's who won't give feed back

What advice can anybody offer if you sell and completed gigs (a lot,even for the same people) but they won’t give feedback? even if you’ve asked for it politely - does this not look good for prospective buyers who see my fiverr rankings i.e. number of jobs completed v feedback?

I don’t care if they leave feedback or not. It is not something I want to concern myself with. I wouldn’t ask a buyer for feedback either. I leave it up to them.

thanks for your feedback misscrystal, guess as a TRS with over 2k reviews you wouldn’t be to concerned - you’ve certainly got fiverr under your spell!

As a buyer i get annoyed when pressured to give feedback so naturally i never mention ratings to my own clients. I think focusing too much on ratings and feedback will just do more harm than good.
Despite never giving the feedback system too much attention about 2 thirds of my fiverr clients leave feedback.

I don’t force them to leave feedback but i like geting it to see f the work i delivered is good or what should i do better in future deliveries, everything is good so far, i have about 50 orders completed and no feedback was left lol

About a third will never leave feedback. If you have multiple orders (as in separate gigs) from one order, they may choose to only rate one rather than five or whatever. They may forget and come back ages later. For whatever reasons, you can expect 6-7 reviews out of every 10 gigs. It seems to average out over everyone.

I tried doing the “please leave feedback if you love my work and be sure to let me know if there are any issues so we can resolve them” kind of angling but you know what? Zero effect.

Not really worth worrying about–no feedback is better than bad feedback. It’s only really important when you don’t have many reviews or are just trying to launch a new gig. After a few hundred, it’s not something that many will worry about. Bad feedback is a constant worry, mind!

cheers guys really helps to hear others experiences - always want the deliver the best services I can!