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Buyers with low budget

Why we find buyers with low budget at Fiverr as compared to other freelancing platforms?

The clue’s in the name! :wink::sunny:

“The clue’s in the name!”
Can you please explain?

When Fiverr first started, everything was $5 - you had to have a 5 dollar gig - that’s where Fiverr comes from.

Fiverr starting from $5 dollar. Hmmm.But buyers should have budget according to the work they want us to do.

Or you need to set your prices to their budget?

Meet in the middle somewhere perhaps?

Yes, I did, I found buyers with high budget but in comparison to the other platforms, Fiverr buyers possess half budget what other platforms have reasonable for developing a full fledged software.

Anyway I like Fiverr for its terms and conditions and timer feature for every order.