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Buyers with no clue what they want

It drives me up the wall. I’ll get a buyer who wants drawing. They evade any questions about it with a ‘something like this’ and give me references that at all. Then it feels like I’m talking to a whole bunch of different people who are taking turns at the computer or something who all have a different idea of what they want but not a single one can tell me anything at all.

I am not a mind reader. I can tell we speak the same language, so why aren’t you using your words??? I’ve had to just give up and let at least 3 buyers in the last year know that I just don’t think I’m the right person for what they want (because they are all over the place) or that I simply cannot provide the service they want.

I ask questions, I have EXTREMELY RELEVANT QUESTIONS, that don’t get answered in required order info. It’s a waste of my time, energy, and patience.

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Just like you don’t have to answer a phone every time it rings, you don’t have t work with every customer that approaches you. As far as I’m concerned, “we are not compatible” is a legitimate excuse to reject a client.


I use that line constantly. It’s definitely worth trusting your gut before trying to invest too much time into something that you know is doomed from the start.

If I can’t get most of the information I need within two messages/replies, it’s a red flag and I move on.

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Most of the time buyers don’t message me and straight make the order…

My ‘favourite’ is : “I changed my mind, I don’t need this anymore, can you cancel the order” What a nightmare… I have had 2 or 3 cases like that…

omg… That’s horrible… I am so sorry you’re having to go through this.

No wonder I see many sellers with 200+ orders who are still un-leveled. :cry: I am sure at least a fraction of those people are still un-leveled due to such orders.

Been there, done that. And that is happening right away when you deliver.

Another few examples are buyers who don’t give details at all, and when you make how you think it looks good, they are saying that they expected much better. And again after that they don’t give any details how they want

Well, this will always happen when your prices are very low. Once you raise them, you’ll limit those unserious buyers. When the prices are high, they’ll message you to be sure of what they’re getting rather than just sampling up and down.

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Chill, as long you get paid :sunglasses::+1:

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Very true and definitely raising my prices for many reasons now

Hi all - I’m fairly new to Fiverr and have had pretty good experience with the first few buyers. The most recent gave me few specifics on what they wanted in a flyer design, despite my clarifying questions. I put together what I assumed they wanted and they came back with an unkind “you call this graphic design?” comment. As others have said, we’re not mind readers. Who else deals with buyers who assume you know what they want, not giving explicit expectations? I lose time on working on the order waiting to hear back from the buyer (especially if they’re in a distant time zone). I guess I turn here for some empathy!