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Buyers with no intention of paying

I’m getting increasingly sick of buyers who come to Fiverr to receive free services. Just had another bad experience where the buyer has said they’re not satisfied with the work, and want a full refund. They don’t even want to engage in the review process either, and won’t even respond when I ask what they’d like to see improved. Believe me, I’m more than happy to work with people to ensure they get exactly what they want - my reviews bear that out.

Today’s buyer provided scant information, and I had to keep chasing them for even the most basic requirements. The end result was one of my best pieces of work, given how little information I received, and I defy anyone to have done any better with what I was given. There are times it is so blatantly obvious that the buyer has never had any intention of paying, and the frustrating thing is, Fiverr always sides with them no matter how unreasonable they are. Does anyone have any advice?


With that kind of buyer is is best to cancel through contacting CS and explaining the situation. Often, canceling this way will not affect your stats.


I am not that experienced on Fiverr but I’ve faced the same situations a couple of times here. TBH there’s nothing we can do. Fiverr will always take the buyer’s side no matter what the case is.

Ultimately we have to refund them, no matter how much time we have deployed in that work.

I am a Graphic designer/Video editor, I generally send my in-progress work to buyers frequently so if they don’t like it, I start over again and if they still don’t like it I call it and refund them. Obviously, I am not getting paid, but will save time and will have fewer regrets.

In your case, as you are a content writer, I am not sure if you can send your “in-process work”.

And yes, I hate when clients give almost no information about their taste and expect to get something cool. That’s why I communicate a lot of things before offering them an order. [I never got any direct order, so I always had an option to do the job or not].

EDIT : lol I just noticed your name, pardon my English sir. :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your advice! And your English is great :wink:

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Thank you for the suggestion