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Buyers with no manners

I pride myself on being friendly, easy-going, and professional with all of my buyers, new ones and long-standing. I treat them all with the same level of care.

I don’t know who raised some of y’all. I cannot imagine ordering a bespoke, high-quality product from a small business, receiving the product with care, attention to detail, and friendly cooperation, and then, not only NOT saying thank you or I like what you’ve done, throwing the work back in their face and saying “fix this, it’s wrong”.

I make mistakes sometimes, sometimes it’s the buyer’s fault, sometimes it’s mine. Whatever - I will fix it usually for free. Just be NICE to me! Why is that so hard to ask?

The way some people behave online makes me so sad. I would be absolutely mortified to speak to someone that way!



Yeah - the reality of the human on the other side of the screen seems to pass some people by.

You know what? That client is probably utterly charming to people in real life …


We all get our Karens. It’s happened to me recently, my buyer requested 3 or 4 revisions and then left a crummy review. We just have to deal with it and move on, ya know?
Hope things work out :grin:


I hear you! Thankfully most people are great to deal with, but a minority are truly vile.

My approach is the same as yours - be friendly and professional with new and returning buyers. I imagine a lot of the successful sellers adopt this approach.

I never take criticism from bad buyers personally, although I do momentarily worry that they might unfairly leave poor feedback.

As you’ve said, through polite communication we can resolve most issues. Sadly though, there are a handful of people who are only intent on bullying their way through life.

Don’t let them get to you - you’re better than them!


A bad review is easily forgivable.
But bad manners are not. “Fix this, it’s wrong” sounds so harsh, like you are a slave. I hope you will soon forget about it, move on and don’t be surprised or upset by bad manners never again.


I feel you. I had a rude buyer of my own yesterday…


The one that gets me is buyers who just can’t read.

One of my gigs involves a LOT of work, and clearly says ‘please contact me to discuss before ordering’.

So one dingbat has just cost me my Level 2 status by placing a 3-figure order last month without even having the manners to ask me if I was available for that amount of work. They didn’t even ask for a custom order. It was a last minute rush job as they needed the work in a short time frame. I told them politely to bog off and requested an immediate cancellation. But of course, that means my status has now dropped.

It may be a pandemic, but some of us are still expected to work our dayjobs too.


Very frustrating when people don’t read your gig page and assume you’re available 24/7. I also have a day job and I’ll get messages demanding to have an update on their order or sending me multiple inbox messages while I’m at my job. As though I’m just sitting in front of my laptop, staring at my inbox waiting to reply to messages


Hell yeah. That’s the downside of working across timezones too - messages at all hours and then you’re marked down on response time because something arrived five minutes after you went to sleep and you didn’t reply for seven hours, because, newsflash, you were asleep!

Oh well. It’s dingbats like that who cause me to overhaul my gig offerings every few months, so at least they don’t go stale.