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Buyers with unreal expectations!

This has happened twice within one month now just after starting two new gigs on website design and Facebook ads.

So I set up ads for this buyer and even before the ads started delivering, the buyer leaves me a 3.3 starred review stating that this didn’t help him.

I’m not a newbie in Facebook ads and I know what I’m doing.
It needs time and testing before you jump to conclusions and what’s with leaving feedback even before the ads have started delivering?!

Then comes this another buyer who again leaves me a 3 starred review because he “thought” that I didn’t do the work which is mentioned in my gig, which I clearly did and just because he was mistaken he goes straight to the feedback section and leaves me this feedback instead of asking for a modification or sending me a message if he didn’t understand something.
I clearly include a line in my delivery that they can always contact me if they have any issue with the delivered work.

These reviews have severely affected my gig impressions and new inquiries have dropped drastically.

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Is there any way you could change the number of days in which the gig is delivered so that buyers can’t leave feedback before the ads have run their course?

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Even if I were to extend the delivery time, buyers like these will still come back to leave a negative review after spending $5 saying that my gig didn’t bring them $100/day in sales.
I always tell them to allow Facebook to spend some of the budget only to optimize the campaign first and to test it and then make changes if necessary based on the test data we get.
But no! they will not even bother to read through it but rather have all the time in the world to write a negative review. smh