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Buyers with weird orders


Hi. So my order completion is toast after I’ve had several orders in a row that there’s no possible way I can complete them.

I own an instagram account that’s geared towards people that have dogs or like dogs. And people keep ordering from me wanting to promote things that are a waste of my time as well as thier time.

As an example, someone wanted me to put his EDM mixtape. The account only has dogs, I know he won’t get any attention and very very bad results and then he will leave a bad review because from 300k followers no one followed him.

Another person just wanted me to post 2 selfies of him in the car (why are people just throwing their money away). Of course I’ve had to request a cancellation because that’s not what my page is about.

And these are just 2 examples of many lately. The evaluation is coming up in a week I think and my order completion is at 83% and it will probably go lower because right now I have an active one with someone that wants me to promote a page for girls with big asses (WHAT??!)

I added that I only accept dog related posts but I doubt anyone will see that.

Is there something I can do to get my order % back up? All the orders where both me and the seller agreed where delivered without any issues.


oooh… :disappointed_relieved: :confounded: That’s too far now. The only way to make it to 90% is to get and complete so many orders. But I think you have to wait for the next month’s evaluation and if your other level requirements are completed, you should achieve the 1 level next month for sure.


  1. This note at the bottom, put this at the top of the description and also highlight it.

Please don’t make an order if it’s not dog related, I will not be able to deliver otherwise.`

  1. You can contact CS and tell them that customers are placing wrong orders and if I am canceling, then it is affecting my order completion rate and my whole account. Maybe they can get you a better solution on what to do.
  2. You can also mention in you gig that adult content related accounts are not eligible for this service.
  3. “Contact me before placing an order for detail explanation about my services” you can also mention this line at the top.

Best of luck.


Thanks. I just did that, hopefully people will read it before ordering.


Hi @azeiron

Please excuse me for quoting myself but this might help you into how many orders you need to level up your order completion rate (OCR). It’s not easy, it’s very tough but, still, it can be done.


Are we allowed to post examples of weird buyer orders/requests?

I’m a VO artist. Previously, I had done some very cheap lines for a character in a low-budget video game and forgot about it.

The buyer contacted me to do a second project, because apparently the game was successful enough that he wanted to include more content. Great! I thought. The buyer had no script. The buyer wanted to give me a copy of the game, have me play through it, write my own script, then record it.

No thanks. I don’t have time for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but mentioning username of a buyer is not permitted.

You should’ve told the seller that okay, I will do it but I need xx% of profits from the game revenue. :rofl: