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Buyers won't introduce the amount of seconds (session musician)

i recently have to cancel an order becouse a buyer won’t introduce the amount of secods they need to buy, they often just buy my 45 seconds and i have to just work on the whole song!, i completed those orders just to get more rep but now it’s a problem.

Could you please emphasize the area in the screen where they have to introduce the amount of seconds? like we all know songs usually are longer than 45 seconds :neutral_face:

we are both losing money !:neutral_face:

thank you

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In each package (if your gig has packages) you have a default number of seconds in the music gig(s).
You could increase the default number of seconds for the premium gig, and set the price you want for that.


Maybe it’s better then to put and charge for the average number of seconds a song has and make a note in your gig description that people who only need you to work on less than that (and more, obviously) can contact you for a custom offer at $x less/more per x seconds.