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Buyers won't rate

I just need to know your experiences.

all the time I offered the best service to buyers and most of times they are fully happy and they saying everything is perfect. my problem is, most of them won’t leave ratings for me even after the tipping. at now my rated order percentage is 78%. within every delivery I sent them a short message which saying rate the order. but no luck.

is this normal or anything I should do ?

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Do not send the buyers this type of message .You can not ask them to leave review .If they want they will leave or wont… And asking that is directly violation …


Don’t ask buyer to rate orders. They are already automatically asked when order is delivered from Fiverr. 78% is perfectly fine.


You can get your account deleted for asking buyers to rate. Customer support already confirmed this

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Actually I doesn’t knew about that good to know thank you guys !

thank you very much arty ! <3 this is what I need to know clearly thank you for the kind advice… I am seeking my knowledge on fiverr to create a perfect sales loops