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Buyers wont respond



Recently i got two orders by different buyers. (i offer image editing gigs) In which one buyer wanted extra fast delivery.

After doing my editing work I delivered both orders within the span of 3-4 hours. Neither of them replied to me.

Its been 3 days now none of then has replied. What should i do? I have delivered in time but why are they not replying? Order has been expired. What happens if none of them mark my gig as complete? Will it effect my ratings? Will they get refund or my work done will be of no use?

Thank you.


Once you deliver the order, buyers have no obligation to respond at all. Do not take their lack of feedback as a sign of their displeasure. They ordered, you delivered, end of transaction.


only thing you lose is a review. around 35% of my total orders are not rated, in other words auto completed after 3 days.


At 3 full days they auto complete as long as you used deliver work function. So no worries.