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Buyers work shown on my gig page

My buyers work has shown on my gig page and doesn’t want it there. She mentioned she couldn’t find the box to check and politely messaged me saying she does not want it on there. I believe it is her first purchase on Fiverr. I do not know how to remove it as I have only been a seller on Fiverr therefore have not bought anything on this platform. All I know is that it is up to the buyer as to whether they would like their work shown or not. Can someone please let me know how she remove it so I can get back to her? Thanks very much in advance for any responses.

Edit: Thanks for all of the replies, I have read through them all. In the end I unchecked ‘live portfolio’ as (for this particular gig) I do not believe it influences whether the buyer will purchase my gig. I also think that I would be likely to have a similar problem again in the future. I have 11 5 star reviews - hopefully get more in the future :slight_smile: - and I think this is enough for the buyer to decide whether they would like to purchase my gig.

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I am not 100% sure about solution but have you tried to switch off live portofolio option by your gig?


Not sure if this would work for already delivered orders.


Thanks, no I haven’t tried this yet. I will do it now!!

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However, it would likely cause to loose all delivered proofs of work. Not sure if this is what you would want…

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The only issue with that, is that (as far as I know) it also removes the Live Portfolio option from the Seller’s profile for all other orders… So the Seller will suffer because of something the buyer did (the buyer has the option to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to their work being shown here, this buyer obviously chose ‘yes’). You now lose the ability to showcase any client work moving forward.

I’d be really annoyed if it were me - We get A LOT of orders off the strength of our Live Portfolio.

@isabelle_g - you may want to advise your client to contact Customer Support, or you do it for them, to see if they can remove this one specific Work Preview. If you do this, be sure to make it clear to support that it’s the Work Preview your client wants to remove, not the review, as they can be very strict with people enquiring about changing reviews.

It’s totally up to you, but there’s no way I’d be switching Live Portfolio off, no matter how much a client complained. Ultimately, it’s their mistake, not yours.

Edit; In fact, thinking about this more - if this happened to us tomorrow, I’d politely tell the client that it was a feature of Fiverr, it was out of my control and leave it at that. It’s then up to the client as to whether they are annoyed enough to take it up with support. But I really don’t feel like this is something that we as sellers should be having to get involved with.


Yes, it would remove whole Gig´s Live Portfolio from profile.

I think the Buyer has already expressed their wish to remove it from Seller´s page and if this is the case I would rather recommend @isabelle_g to contact CS for help. And at the same time inform Buyer that Fiverr CS was asked to help because @isabelle_g can not do it herself.

I think this will be the best for Buyer even knowing that it was probably their mistake, oversight, “new buyer” etc.


What you’re saying is totally fair - I guess we’d both just handle things a bit differently.

My issue with contacting CS on behalf of the buyer is that you ‘take on’ the problem… it becomes your problem, and the buyer will look to YOU as a seller to fix it, even if you have to go to CS. When you return saying “they’ve told me there’s nothing I can do”, or “I have to switch my live portfolio off which I’m not happy about”, the buyer will be angry with you (as opposed to Customer Support, or themselves).

Personally, I prefer the approach of saying something along the lines of “this is a feature of Fiverr, and not something I have any access to or control over. Sorry.” - if the buyer is still unhappy, they can take it up with CS.

But I totally respect your approach, and I guess the OP now has options to choose from.


I once had to face a similar sort of a incident and this is what the customer support agent stated.

I shared a screenshot of the work sample and the conversation had with the buyer (in order to prove that, I have the approval from the buyer to remove the work sample) and customer support removed the work sample I requested them to do so.


I would tell the client exactly what to say in their email to CS, that way they don’t say the word “review” by accident and get CS on your case unintentionally.

Saying the word “review” to CS as a buyer is like walking into a fireworks shop with a blowtorch.

Is that a thing people say?

Anyway, good luck!


@gwyneth_galvin I am not sure if I undersand your post.

Buyer asked Seller to remove delivery preview (Live Portofolio) from Seller´s profile.

I do not see connection to “review”. :thinking:

Apart from directing the buyer to support to ask them to remove her sample (do provide a link to support, if she’s new and also missed the option to not have her sample shown, she might also not find how to contact support, as it needs a bit of clicking and scrolling), I’d also look up the relevant article in the Buyer Help Center where it explains about the portfolio sample, and give her the link, or that might be a recurring problem for her - and contacting support for such avoidable things, especially with the current response rates, is probably something most people would like to avoid.

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Had such situation once. I explained everything to CS and the artwork was removed from live portfolio.


What I’m saying is you have to be careful that the buyer doesn’t mention the review while trying to resolve the issue with CS. They may say, “I need help removing the portfolio sample from the review I left” or something else along those lines, which seems reasonable and to the point but I’ve seen quite a few stories about people getting done for feedback manipulation just because their buyer mentioned a review in their CS ticket.

She gets to choose if her work appears in live portfolio. It’s opt in.

So she must have clicked the box opting in without looking. Fiverr may be able to remove it for her. She’d have to ask him.

I agree live portfolio isn’t necessarily important to get an order but I’d reconsider removing it just for this buyer’s sake as you shouldn’t penalize yourself for her mistake. She opted in to the portfolio.

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