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BUYERS you can't get Larg and Medium Coffee for Price of one. Please, Pay for it!

I did a flyer gig for my buyer, after getting his work he asked for it in different size for sharing on “instagram” . I simply asked for another gig as changing a graphics layout takes time and substantial efforts. He changed his mind on payment demand, next morning I got a thumbs down with no comment. Since then It’s been more than 24 hours and I got no order. Whole day wasted just because I dared to ask for more payment.

Thats the problem with Fiverr. People think that because you do an otherwise expensive work for 5$ they bought you for life.

I can empathise with you on that, buyers are way over the line many times here. Let him find someone else that will do it for him for this price. He won’t. Then when he crawls back ask for 100$! As if designing flyers is as easy as a pie.

I think this kine of buyers is the reason for sellers quality decline here on Fiverr, the good ones leave because of these buyers. I know it’s not helping much, but you should just know you are the better person and stop thinking about this buyer, and try talking with customer support, maybe they would do something about the feedback.

Reply to @shayro: Thank you so much, I have left a message to Buyer and CS Team, don’t have any hope for reply from buyer as it’s more than 24 hours. Fiverr is way too competitive place to work, if you have less than 100% Ratings then forget to get business :frowning:

You’re welcome. The fact that you are level 2 already shows that you are a good seller and can really deliver. I just opened a Facebook Gig and I know I will probably have to wait a long time for buyers, but I don’t mind.

Unfortunately I don’t have 100% because past Gigs were ordered during time of my exams sessions, when I don’t do anything but study and not having a life ;). (Of course it was before “vacation” mode, Murphy at his best :slight_smile: ).

I often find myself doing $80+ of work for a $5 gig. I enjoy making games, and it gives me a reason to have some “me time” from the family, but there are those occasions when a buyer receives a delivered gig with extra work, free of charge, and then politely asks whether or not I would be willing to make additional modifications that might require another 3 to 4 hours of coding/graphical work. Most people that purchase my gigs understand I am delivering products with modifications worth more than $5. I work full time and go to school full time with Fiverr being an outlet for my hobby. If I have additional orders I need to complete, I will usually point out the extra development time and man hours required for those “bonus” developments. However, if I have nothing else lined up, I will usually do the work, free of charge. This behavior has definitely helped to create repeat business that is more than receptive when I notify them of new or upcoming gigs.

That being said, delivering a quality product helps me in the long run, as my clickable developer logos (leading to Fiverr portfolio) are in most of my products (unless the buyer pays to remove it to give the illusion of it being their own works for branding purposes). Ensuring that each gig I deliver is quality entertainment to the specs of the buyers, or my own consciousness, ensures positive presentation for my own profile as their products get distributed and everyone benefits mutually.

Reply to @shayro: Yes, It was not easy for me to keep 99% Accuracy, in last 16 months I did lots of sacrifices.

I think fiverr should also implement some system to avoid this type of misshaping, like maximum allowed revision counts etc.

I have seen on some other market place where this option is available where a seller decides that how many rounds of revision is allowed.

The kind of gigs we are offering is certainly requires this type of protection.

BTW I got my first order after 36 hours. Feeling relieved!

Cool but what about sellers who end up with lousy work after asking 6 gigs for a task?

Reply to @awebus: Please contact the seller, he can help you better.

Ok, here is another great thing.

A Buyer can ask for work more than $5 or gig extras for free. You can’t deny his demand, Now! you have two option either fulfill his demands or get a negative feedback.

Fiverr team says it’s completely fine if a buyer leaves negative review in this type of cases and they can’t help seller if buyer ask work.

Conclusion is, a buyer is free to extort you for free work as per their desire and wish, they are fully protected.