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Buyers - Your Greed & Penny Pinching is What is Killing Fiverr

In a nod of “ok, you’re only doing your job” to the new rating system (despite it being massively flawed), I’ve realized today that the reason for 99% of complaints against the system is down simply to one specific kind of buyer.

This morning I got an order for a Facebook banner. Never in my freelancing career have I ever provided anything like graphic design. In this case, why I got this order just boggled my mind. In fact, in canceling it, I stated that frankly, I was beyond bewildered why the buyer would order this from me. Their response? Because I have a gig video and create sales flyers, they assumed I would have no problem doing HTML banners etc.

The problem here? I don’t create bleeding sales flyers either!

That said, looking at the example of what the buyer wants, I can see why they ordered from me. Average prices on Fiverr for the service they are looking for, come in at $25 - $50. In this case, the buyer has purposefully overridden their own common sense and ordered from a completely non-service related seller, simply because they want to pay less.

Of course, I know not all buyers are cheap like this but a lot are. Right now, for example, I have just got a message from someone saying they are going to order a video from me but want to ask if there is a discount if they order 2. In their message, they have then included a link to a video they want me to copy the style of.

The problem? I create 2D animated videos in my style. The buyer wants me to provide them with someone sitting in front of a camera speaking, in what is basically a testimonial video!

Why would this person think that $30 - $65 will get them a model on a professional film set talking about their latest MLM scam? FROM SOMEONE WHO OFFERS NOTHING LIKE THIS!

It’s not a mistake. It’s not crossed wires. It’s simply a case of buyers looking through relevant gigs, not liking the asking prices, and purposefully tweaking searches until they find a price they are happy paying. This despite the fact that services offered don’t match what they need.

Now, the biggest common denominator with these buyers regards the fact that they are all resellers. In this case, I have something like a potential solution.

If I book a flight, make a hotel reservation, or commission someone to create me a logo in the real world, I don’t get all of my money back if I decide 5 minutes later that I have changed my mind. In this case, instead of punishing sellers who have to cancel orders like this, why doesn’t Fiverr punish buyers with something like a non-refundable 30% administration charge.

A buyer orders, they get to a summary where they have to enter and confirm order details and a big box pops up saying: "You have ordered 300 words of copywriting. If the seller does not deliver, you get a full refund in Fiverr credit. If you are requesting a service which the seller doesn’t explicitly provide, cancellations will incur a 30% surcharge."

This could then be followed with; "Not what you were looking for? Go back and contact the seller directly."

Or something like that.

Of course, many will argue that this would lead to buyers being outraged. My bet, however, is that it wouldn’t. Becaise resellers are the main people ordering so recklessly, they would get stung by the fine but guess what? After realizing their mistake once, they probably wouldn’t repeat their behavior a second time. Normal sellers buying services for themselves in the meantime, likely wouldn’t get stung at all because they don’t order so recklessly in the first place.

The point is time wasting like this costs money but buyers don’t care because its not costing them money. As soon as their own recklessness does, my bet is that buyers will think twice before assuming that sellers can do whatever they want providing they chuck some money at them.


I totally agree! And what makes it even worst, these resellers know how fiverr exactly works! So they know that you will not cancel the order because of the new system. They know that when they get what they want, they can simply cancel the order and get a refund!
Most of them create another account just for buying. Sure they change their IP thing using any browser’s add-on.

I have added a checkbox to make them confirm that everything is final and any additional changes will cost them more. This checkbox is provided by fiverr for sellers, so they want to protect us (the sellers). But, sometimes the buyers check that box and change everything! When I complain to fiverr, they simply say you should solve the problem.

I mean there is no situation what so ever will make fiverr force the buyer to pay! There is no punishment to buyers! Yesterday, a buyer told me to **** ** and I reported that to fiverr, what did they do? Sure they “will not tell me”., but it is really silly man!

I have heard at least one buyer on the Forum voice the opinion that if a buyer purchases a gig by mistake they should be fined 10% of the gig cost. I would agree that something needs to be done.


30%. 10% isn’t a big enough number to psychologically shock people. I wouldn’t even mind if Fiverr went and pocketed that 30% so long as I didn’t get kicked in the nuts with a cancellation penalty.


I was just saying what a buyer said on the Forum. Fiverr could start with 10% and if it did not work up the anti. :thinking:

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I’d up the anti anyway. But then again, if I ruled Fiverr, things would be very very different…


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I think you can eliminate the ones who ask for things your gig does not offer by:

  1. Having a few good questions and answers on your gig

  2. Charging more, to eliminate the cheapskates, at least $35, which seems to be the magic number which the cheap ones won’t cross.

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I love the last question. Those showcase your writing ability. I’m glad I saw them just before you removed them.

I also like your videos.

What did I miss that Cy wrote? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: You know I like to stalk his comments just because his writing ability is so fun to read.

Hi : )

Cy also makes good points. Often. Now always. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yes. I make good points always. Thank you for affirming my infallible nature. People need to know this. :slight_smile:

Oh dang, I did a typo! :clown_face:

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He had a separate question and answer for each thing he won’t do, and the last was that he won’t buy giftcards for anyone. :rofl:

And after cancelling your Order Completion Rate took a hit, right?


Oh did I say YES!!???

OK, one last time: