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Buying a gig as a seller


Hello Respected Fiverr,

This is Aamir. I want to confirm one thing. Can I buy gigs here since I’m also a seller?

If this allowed by you then it’s ok.

If it is not allowed and against the Fiverr terms and conditions. Then I definitely follow T&C.

please let me know


Hi Aamir.

Yes, you are allowed to buy gigs if you are a seller.


No Problem.
You can buy.


Thank you so much bro


Thank you so much bro!


hello dear Amir,Yes you can buy the gig. It is allowed here


Thank you so much Sir!


Yes you can be a buyer on a seller account.


Yes, it is allowed as long as it is not for review manipulation purpose.


How does this comment apply to a one-account user who chooses to both buy and sell from their one account? There is no way for one-account users to “manipulate” reviews, since they don’t have illegal second accounts to review. :wink:


I meant reviews exchange with other seller!


You can leave a review when you buy a gig.

It’s not allowed to “exchange” reviews just to boost up each others statistics.


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Sure! you can buy another Gig.
but if you want to do “review exchange” that is against The TOS.
honesty is the better :slight_smile: policy.
Thank you.
good luck


This what I told…Not to do it!