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Buying a gig from Pakistan?

Hi there,

I have been trying to buy few gigs on fiverr. Every time I provide my card details, it goes to creating the order but after few seconds it goes back to the card page and says your payment method can not be charged. I do get a notification from my bank saying card got charged successfully and payment was made to fiverr. It reverts back to my bank account after few minutes. I have tried using standard chartered card, mcb wallet gift card but same issue. When I contacted bank they say its fine from their end. I also have contacted fiverr support in this regard but no help. They ask me try after few hours, del cookies n stuff done all that but in vain. As you all know paypal is not supported in PAK. So what do I do now is there any way, I would really appreciate if some one can come up with a solution. Thanks!!


I had a buyer try to add an extra to the order and couldn’t two days ago so there may be a bug in the system right now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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I think it is your payment card problem you should contact to your bank

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One of my client from Pakistan also faced a payment issue. So I also need a solution to this because it’s a custom order and the work is done, only the payment is remaining and now fiverr has an issue in payment system. Fiverr should solve this as soon as possible!