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Buying a specific gig

Hi,im looking for tips on gig,how to buy photolikes and comments only from real people from America,UK,Netherlands and France?as this countries are my target .im looking to boost my facebook there anyone in the group offering this service?thx

That is against the rules of facebook.

BEcasue selling likes and comments is a problem, Fiverr has removed many of those types of gigs from the searches.

YOu can maybe try to do a buyer request which is in your dashboard, but be careful because there really are no real likes and comments you can buy from real people like that. You can do real advertising, meaning you spend money to place advertisements on certain websites to drive traffic. So be careful about anyone offering to give you 1,000’s of likes is goig to be fake and you can actually then have problems with your facebook page.

The best thing to do is go to create an ad on facebook directly. You can run ads to select targer markets in any country that you want. Then you are doing it legally and do not have to worry about loosing your likes. Of course you need to make sure you haev a good facebook page to begin with and run a good ad. But it can be done.

Thanks Sincere 18,

So if i understand,the quickest way to receiving likes for a facebook fan page,is paying someone to promote your page? How do i know if i have a good facebook page and running a good act?If there anyone in the group offering to promote my page,drop your comment,gig …i am about to start my own onlineshop selling things i make.


Reply to @ceciliadesign:

you can make a request there and perhaps someone will come to you… It’s difficult to find results through the search bar for facebook likes as Fiverr is slowly stopping gigs like these. But I tell you it’s not a good idea to buy Facebook likes either, Facebook doesn’t like this and it’s never gonna last long. You might see 1,000 likes today but they aren’t real so you’ll probably see it gone by tomorrow. I don’t know if someone is ever selling “real” photolikes at a huge number but you can always try stating that in your request. You can also search for people who will promote you in their twitter page, podcast, facebook page as well, however this doesn’t guarantee any likes… but it is safe. :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist: thanks therapist,i will take your advice and choose your option

Reply to @ceciliadesign: But you are misinformed. Paying someone to promote your page is very different from “buying likes”. Paying someone to promote your page means that they have a real following of people that might be interested in your products and they post an ad on their page in the hopes that they might go and check out your page.

aLso, you need to understand more about what a FAcebook page can do for you in terms of business. You have to really learn how to create an interactive page, meaning you make a post and people respond and you have conversations. Also with the new facebook algorithums when you post something not everyone sees it, you have to pay to boost it in order to have any impact. Start researching about that.

I looked up your site, you sell jewlery? Nice stuff :slight_smile: