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Buying an artwork from my fiverr account and selling it to another buyer using the same account

I have a new order which I don’t have no time to do.
Is that okay to give this order to another seller and get it done using my fiverr account, and delivering it to the buyer who placed the order using the same account?

Sure, that’s called outsourcing. But the only problem is that you will need to have the commercial license from the seller that you going to purchased.


Thank you so much for the answer

If you do this please do the right thing and let the person you buy from know that you are a seller in the first conversation.

Also make really sure that the person you buy from can work in your style or this could get ugly fast.

The other thing to consider is how the customer will feel. I know if I commissioned Dali to paint me a dripping clock and I discovered the passed oft of to that Picasso dude, I’d feel had.