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Buying and selling on the same account


I’ve been buying on fiverr for almost 2 years now. Must have spent close to $2k on various business-related gigs. Recently, I decided to start selling on fiverr too, but I didn’t want to use my existing username so I created a new one that was more related to the gigs I am selling.

Now I’m wondering whether to start buying on the new account or keep the old one. I’m concerned that some of the people I buy from might see me as competition and either a) refuse to complete a gig or, b) buy my gigs and leave bad feedback.

To everyone that buys and sells on fiverr, do you use the same account for both or have a separate account for buying and selling? If so, why?



This is really interesting question. I’m also buyer on fiverr but consider selling something, as well. However, in my situation, I consider selling something that is not related to all that things I buy.

If we are allowed only one account… . If you really want have two accounts, the second one have to be managed via VPN route, yet.