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Buying and then reselling?


Someone has taken one of my gig’s and is reselling it. :confused: Even the description on my gig compared to his is almost identical. What should I do?


Contact Support and they will handle it. Send them your gig link and the copycat’s gig url. I use to get people stealing my images and copying my gig descriptions. I contacted them every time, and cs has always took care of it. I search my most popular gig often, and report copyright infringement anytime someone blatantly copies my content and or images. Like whozme said, they can’t copy your skills.


If someone has copied your gig exactly, contact customer support and let them know.


Yes you may contact customer support as suggested by prohelper27. Btw copying your gig doesn’t necessarily means that he can copy your skills. Just keep delivering your hard and honest work and you’ll overcome these copy cats :stuck_out_tongue:


Whozme - very good point! Knock offs of anything in life are rarely the same quality!!