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Buying art design and resell it on canvas in my website

I want to buy some art design and resell it for my customers on canvases.
My problem is that Im not sure if I have the permission to do it.
The designers say it is ok, but it is not showing on the packages that they offer…
How could I know if I can resell on canvas a design I purchase here ?
Thank you very much !

Hi! friend!
I am a portrait painter, you have to acquire the copyright and commercial use at the same time, otherwise it will be very troublesome.

Thank you for you replying !!!
But the seller is not write anything about the copyright and commercial use…
In chat the sellers told me that when I purchase the art from them it is allow me to resell it.
How can I acquire the copyright and commercial use ? It is a paper or something?

If not otherwise specified, the moment the work is delivered to you, you gain all rights. I’m fairly sure it says so in the Fiverr ToS, but I may be wrong there

Thanks !
Other people with information that can help me ?

Looking for someone who can buy my artworks or inquire for new ones