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Buying basic logo?


Hi first time using fiverr and not very tech savvy so any help would be much appreciated. Im buying a logo for $5, how would i be able to use that logo on a landing page, website or for printing purposes?



Hello, Dave

It happens that I offer logo design services. It depends on the seller. Most of them do not offer the printing file into the basic $5. A vast majority of sellers offer a JPG/PNG with transparent background in high resolution which can be used on a landing page, website etc. The PNG can be used for printing too, but not on big banners etc.

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Just ordered a seller for create your logo. When the seller done your task then simply he will deliver the project with include your logo. Just download it from order page and use anywhere like landing page, website or you can print it.

Make sure tell your selller, you need high resolution logo file like psd or png format


Thanks guys
So i wouldnt need the vector or source files to be able to get the logo onto landing page/ website/business cards etc?