Buying Design Patents on fiverr


Hello all. I have a design I’m working on for a design patent application. I already have a model and sketches which are fairly detailed. I am starting a business and I wish to hire a patent design drafter/artist to redraw my design for USPTO filing specs.

I’d like to know what protections on my design I have on fiverr. Essentially, I want to know that if I send my design over fiverr to the drafter if he/fiverr could steal my design or have rights to them.

Not just my initial sketches, but the artists revised sketches. I will be filing a patent and want to retain all rights. It does say for commercial use on his page, but that seems rather vague.

Also, the artists recommend and asks to be contacted or shown the sketches before initiating an order. I know this would be recommended for certain things, but I am extremely defensive over sharing my design.

Edit: The seller has good ratings, but I’m still not convinced.

Thanks, any info would be helpful.


Every artist will ask you for the design to quote you.

I do Provide Privacy for the design. Also it just a matter of good will that is created about the person you are buying from.

If the person have a satisfying answers to you query you will have no issue in that.

It always remain your design as you are paying someone just to digitize it for you.

Hope this help.


Hello there.

Make sure to read the Fiverr ToS, scroll pretty far down to “Ownership” for your issue (though if you haven´t read them yet, your should at least skim the whole).

What a seller should do and what they might do, of course, are two different things.