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Buying, ordering and paying


Hi, I have agreed to buy a piece of work and we agreed that I would pay half up front and half when completed.

The seller is telling me that I have to accept the offer that will mean me paying the second half and the balance outstanding now. He told me that the money will be held by Fiverr until I signoff as completed at the end.

Is this true ?

It would be really useful if there was a guide around accepting orders and payments.



You can’t split payments up like that here. You pay upfront for the gig, then after you’ve signed off on the work the seller is paid.

If you want to go the 50:50 route then the only way to do it would be to get a custom gig for 50%, then after the work is complete, another custom gig for the outstanding 50%. However, very few sellers will be prepared to do that as there’s nothing to stop a buyer running away into the night without honoring their side of the deal.


thanks for the response. Your suggestion is exactly what we are doing. The order for the second 50% has now been raised, will this money be held by fiverr until I sign off on the project ?


Yes, the seller would not get paid until you accepted the order.


I have an order, I am asking if i accept it will the seller get paid now or will be the money be held until a later time when I accept delivery or signoff ?


Dear Paul:

I strongly suggest that you invest the time to read the Fiverr Terms of Service, to help you have better results on Fiverr.

Good luck,


Thank you Blaise, very helpful.


This is the order of things that happen, if this is helpful:

Buyer orders a gig (this can be from the seller’s existing gigs or the seller sends a custom offer)
Buyer pays
Fiverr holds that money
Seller does work and delivers the order
Buyer likes the delivery and accepts the order as complete
Seller is allocated their share of the funds (Fiverr takes 20% plus processing fee).

If you want to do a 50% transaction, the safest way for the seller to do this is to deliver 50% of the work, in two orders.

It sounds as if you’ve paid 50% for 100% of the work. The way to do this (very unsafe for the seller though) is

the seller sends you a custom offer for 50%.
You accept the custom offer.
The seller delivers 100% of the work.
You like the delivery and accept the order as complete.
The seller raises another custom offer for the remaining 50%.
You accept the custom offer.
The seller does nothing, redelivers the same work.
You have already confirmed that you like the delivery so you accept the order, marking it as complete.

Seller gets 100% eventually.

Fiverr is geared up to paying 100% up front. If the seller fails to deliver according to the requirements you agreed with them prior to, or in the order requirements, or they fail to deliver what’s in their gig description, you are expected to work it out with them by asking for revisions instead of accepting the delivery as complete. If you can’t work it out with them and they are failing to deliver as agreed then there are ways to get a refund.


Thank you very much for this simple explanation, it finally makes sense.
I appreciate the time you’ve taken to write this, thanks a thousand.