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Buying own gig to level up is good or bad?



I create my account before 13 days. I get level 1 in just 3 days with 100% rating. now only 10 order are less to get level 2…

Is this good idea to buy own gig from another account to get level 2 + good feedbacks…

Please suggest me your best…


You could always not give feedback, just make the orders, if you wanted to be in the gray area.

As far as @MadMoo on hardly needs to have “multiple” accounts to have this kind of “hacking” of the system. You and I and a few friends can all buy eachother’s gig and …you get the idea. I think actually someone buying from themselves is more obvious because it’s all orders from one name :slight_smile: LOL


Not a good idea…that isn’t trustworthy right there. Leveling up should be something you earn. I know I’ve worked hard for my level and so should everyone else.


I don’t think this is a good idea as feedback weighs heavily in the quality of a gig