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Buying SEO/Link services on Fiverr


This is a thread focussed on helping buyers get the best out of seo services offered here. Most of us have often ordered SEO services in the form of backlinks only yo receive a bunch of spammy links from .ru / .cn/.io/.it/.tw sites. Many of us have also been promised on results in 30 - 60 days. However we do not have the chance to go back on our reviews and remark on the exact results. There are also instances when we have been given screen shots (the most doubtful form of links) or excel/csv files with bunch of links only to find that most of them have disappeared after moderation by the site owner.

Many a times we also buy On Page SEO only to get a standard copy-paste report with tons of standard advices and with no actual / manual analysis.

My request to buyers is to share their experiences on Link buying service so that we all can benefit from same and focus only on genuine services. Let this thread be a reference to buyers and lets help each other to achieve the best results.



The issue here is that too many people are trying to buy something they don’t understand at the cheapest possible price. What happens then is that they order from someone who either doesn’t understand SEO and so can’t explain it to them, or has not charged enough to make the time spent explaining worthwhile.

It seems pretty obvious to me that one shouldn’t buy something they have absolutely no idea about. If someone is looking for loads of links for $5, clearly they have not done any research as to what the problem is with that. If they did even the lightest research on link building they would realize that any decent links cost significant money or time to create.

Furthermore, if you don’t know what you are going to get before you order then you are basically asking for a “surprise box” and you might get lucky or you might get rubbish or worse, links that are harmful to your site.

People seem unable to fathom the idea that this is the internet and some people lie. In descriptions, in conversations and wherever else. If it’s too good to be true then its false. If someone offers far more than what you are paying then stay away from it. If you are unable to verify whether something is good or bad then why on earth are you buying it?
It’s like a blind person buying the Mona Lisa from a guy on the street.

So if you want to get lower than retail cost on SEO services (which is basically why people come to Fiverr instead of a local agency) then educate yourself on what is good or get a consultation with a professional who can explain the ins and outs of SEO, their services, why and how they do the work and what you can expect from it.

PS. It should also be noted that high prices don’t guarantee quality. A client of mine recently bought links from a Pro seller which I had to then disavow (get rid of) because they were worthless and spammy.


Exactly my point - even Pro sellers here are taking buyers for a ride. Also there is no way to judge a review as the buyer has no rating for him either in terms of seniority or in terms of no of orders executed. So a seller having tons of 5 star rating can be misleading…

Well my point is more that it is up to the buyers to not just jump in the car because of the Free Candy sign.
“Rank any site number 1 in Google” is such a Free Candy sign as this is impossible to guarantee (especially within a maximum 30-day gig) yet buyers buy from sellers like that all the time.

Buying links can be useful, there is no doubt about that but the type of links that are supplied along with the method of linking (where, when, with/without permission, etc), the purpose of the specific links etc, are what people need to be informed about. If they choose not to figure out what they need then they are walking down the road with a bundle of fiver®s hanging out of their pocket - someone is gonna just take them.