Buying SEO services (WARNING: May contain ranting/reality check)


This is just a post about the ridiculousness of some people’s expectations when it comes to SEO.

1. No SEO Seller is going to give you a “Magic Trick” that will mean you earn $1000s for doing no work (Cost $5).

This “secret sauce”, “guaranteed method”, “simple to use”, etc method is a myth that some unscrupulous sellers both on and off Fiverr have put out there - it doesn’t exist.

2. Asking me to work on your behalf with the promise of paying me when you make money is beyond ridiculous.

If this was a possibility, why would I involve you at all? I could just as easily spend the same 20 minutes you did on copying and spinning other people’s content, work on the SEO and then take the full earnings, rather than relying on you (a random, anonymous person on the internet) to give me 10-40% of the profits.

3. The popular saying “SEO takes time” does not mean we do a little work then sit back and wait

So many sellers and buyers say/believe that a small investment in SEO work is enough and then you just need to wait a month for the effect. This is rubbish - on Fiverr, all that will do is ensure you cannot complain to CS about a seller as the 30 day limitation will be over. SEO is an ongoing process that takes consistent effort over time.

4. No one-off service will be effective enough over time

Even if you spend thousands and manage to get a site ranking at number 1, there is no guarantee it will stay there. Think about it - if you displace someone at number 1, what are they going to do? Sit there and accept it? Obviously not - they will double up their efforts, possibly even attempt some negative SEO etc. Ultimately, ranking is an ongoing competition or league table and you need to compete consistently to perform well.

5. The saying “Content is king” is true - nobody wants to see rubbish content.

If people do not like your content, Google notices. Regardless of how many (good) links etc you have, if people do not like your content then the site will not rank well on a consistent basis. User Behavior is an extremely powerful ranking factor these days so when I tell you your content is not good enough, I mean it in the nicest possible way but seriously, if it is rubbish then do something about it.

Phew, I feel better now, do you?


Very well written, i use to provide SEO service for YouTube video but later i stop providing this as buyer have no idea how it work! Some case they asked for instant views, or specific amount of views by spending $5!


Same - I got tired of people asking me to make videos about floor cleaner/paint/a plumber in Ohio go viral and get a million views (with a money back guarantee). People don’t like it when you tell them that it will be difficult to get 100 people to be interested in that type of video…


And so it was that the wall which Eoin had shouted his words at did absorb them.

You will never get this message across to people. People WANT TO BELIEVE that they can buy a single blog post or publish a super long 8,000-word article full of keywords and this all that they will need to do to rank better in Google. You can’t change their behavior because they have decided to delude themselves.

The world stopped spinning on an axis of logic at around 5 O’Clock on June 2nd 2006. People now are driven only by ever increased senses of entitlement and a demand for instant gratification or else. This is why I personally think that during my whole time on Fiverr, I have only come across 1 buyer who definitely understands SEO and who uses my work in such a way which really gets results.

In fact, I sometimes point out to people like those who ask me to keyword spam articles, that what they are asking me to do is completely counterproductive. The problem is, as soon as I say that and point out what they should be doing, off they go to find a seller who will promise them what they want.

All that said, good on you for trying Eoin.


He could try pinning this thread, though… might get the message across to some people :wink: Especially since I’ve noticed lately that the frequency of new threads is increasing at an alarming rate (I feel for you, mods!) - I barely can ketchup with the new threads after an hour of inactivity!

So go ahead, Eoin, pin that stuff! :smiley:

P.S. might even help some of those gullible buyers out there, who knows…


Please, let me dream for a little bit longer…

I know for sure that some will see these points and just say that I probably don’t know the “Secret, Secret Tricks” that only the best SEO sellers are privy to (and offer to the world for the price of a coffee and a donut).

@Woofy31 I don’t pin my own posts - it feels dirty or black-hat or something.


Yes i got similar kind of offer tool! Once one buyer submitted a youtube video about animal mating and asked me to make it viral! But i think it not buyer fault as i see so many seller on fiverr offering crazy SEO promises which giving crazy exceptions to the inexperienced buyer.


Depending on the video and animals involved that could go viral natuarally :wink:

I think there is a little bit of the chicken and egg situation about this. If you ask enough people for something ridiculous, someone will eventually take your money and perhaps even make you believe they did what you asked for. The 30-day limitation on Fiverr enables this and some of the most successful SEO sellers on Fiverr use this for ill-intentions by saying their service takes 30+ days to take effect - thus meaning the buyer cannot then change their review or complain to CS.


haha, well for your information it was mix of animal such as cow, dog, monkey!

When i first join on fiverr i also said that my SEO work will take time show in result, around 2 to 8 weeks. But later I changed it as I got advice from this form that fiverr TOS does not allow it. My one was mistake as I did not read the TOS properly. But I really believe that Fiverr need to take a look on those SEO or views selling gig more carefully.



I have bought a few SEO content (articles) from a few different sellers with one particular topic out of curiousity. But I bought them not to use them for my website whatsoever, I don´t even have a website. But TBH, I don´t even know what a good SEO standard should be (I was never a SEO content writer). So, my point is, IMHO a buyer who wants to buy a SEO content, ideally must also learn to know about what SEO content is, what is really considered good from all aspects, etc, if they seriously want to use the articles for their business. Otherwise a buyer (like me) cannot really tell which one is really good and which one is not. I don´t regret buying those articles (despite it is really good as I thought or not, despite me being blind about SEO), as I said before it was just out of curiousity, so I have nothing to lose.


I recently had a client who asked me to revamp their website because he was getting a lot of traffic, but almost 0 conversion. So the only conclusion was that the website design wasn’t good enough.

I had a look at his analytics data and noticed that every 3-4 weeks he had a decent volume spike in the incoming traffic. I asked what it was and he told me that he was working with a marketing specialist who was doing off-page SEO for him.

I already had a pretty good idea what kind of “marketing campaign” this is, but in order to explain him I had to pull up some numbers

  • 99.7% bounce rate
  • average session duration 7.8 seconds
  • only from 1 country (he was providing local service in US and traffic was from China)
  • average pages per session 1

I tried to explain what’s wrong with these numbers, but he got offended for some reason and told me that if I can’t design his website then I should not waste his time. He even told me that these are incorrect numbers because his “specialist” gave him the real numbers from a custom report :smiley:

Even when you show the numbers they don’t believe you. I was glad I dodged that bullet :slight_smile:


It depends on the Seller how experienced & serious he/she is about their work. I have delivered over 250 SEO Sales with 100% ratings and Now 60% of my sales comes from the returning clients because they have experienced & witnessed rank improvement after my SEO work.
Yes, SEO takes time to deliver results & Offcourse content is the King.


Please don’t try to “subtly” advertise yourself on my thread (or anywhere on the forum tbh).
Also, offering a service that includes “3 months SEO maintenance” and “lifetime SEO maintenance” is against Fiverr terms of service which I am going to report as it the exact type of gig that I am criticizing in the comments here and that gives SEO sellers on Fiverr a bad name.


I had a client with a similar issue recently but thankfully they were open to discussing it and taking the advice.


In my experience, ranking takes time and a good budget to make your site looks professional.
Much of your work will be identifying good enough keywords that will keep you a rank on Google for a duration of 6 months to 1 year, that can keep trust from google’s algorithm.

Content should attract people not made for algorithms, so stop thinking about Google alone and start to appeal to your clients and prospects (website visitors), the biggest mistake is to buy those EDU and GOV links builders, they are pure spam, and don’t use those High PR backlinks Blast ( those will rank you for a couple of days than you’re blacklisted) avoid them at all cost.

Google isn’t anymore as it was before a dumb search engine, you can spam and rank on “Baidu” easily (Chinese search engine) but for Google even PBN’s can’t maintain good ranking for you for a long time, cause now their algorithm check a long list of criteria to identify how your site is related to other communities, social interaction, human behavior, this is why when you use Google analytics you find bounce rate and exit rate, that’s how GoogleBot sees traffic that reach your website…

I’ve given enough advises here you can use them to rank and avoid those Gigs, I know that I have Gigs here too, for that I want to make new buyers avoid those scammers and spam sellers to help them keeping their sites safe from any future ranking changes.

I advice you to sell those Gigs:

  • Keyword Research (Professional ones)
  • Blog Articles (Professional sellers)
  • On Page Auditing (Those who do it ethically and avoid keyword stuffing)
  • Website Load Optimization
  • Video Advertisement (it Should be a professional)