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Buying services for client

I just have some doubts related to reselling gigs. If I need something extra for my client project. For example; female voice, child voice or cartoon voice. Then can I buy those services from other sellers to provide my client? Not directly but for video editing purpose. Just wanted to know if this is against the rule or not.

I am not 100% sure, but I won’t think it was wrong. Especially if you cannot do that part. But one thing that is not allowed is getting a job on Fiverr and then finding someone else to do it. People do it but it is unprofessional. I don’t think that is allowed.

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I personally do not have a problem helping another Seller complete part of a job that they are struggling with provided:

  • it is not a straight re-sell as said above, not a job they claimed to do themselves but are simply re-selling down the line as that sells everyone down the river.
  • the seller contacting me makes it clear from the very start who they are and why they are coming to me for something they have as one of their own jobs.

Basically, so long as they are truly professional in how they handle themselves (note professional does not mean condescending or too-cool-for-school), I am open to handling parts of their job they are struggling with.