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Buying Starbucks with my Fiverr tip :D

Even though it’s not something that happens all the time ( and I’ll be honest, it would be great if it happened every single time!!), I get tips. Some people are veeeery generous too, and not only am I happy with the extra amount I made, it just makes me feel confident that my skills were good enough to impress the buyer.

When I get a tip, I usually go to Starbucks, and when I get tipped more than $10, I buy coffee for my best friend, who is the person who introduced me to Fiverr several years ago. When I get tipped above $20, I buy coffee and a cookie. It’s the little things that makes me happy.

So what do you guys do to treat yourself when you get a tip? :smiley:

It goes into my bank account, like all my Fiverr money, accumulating, accumulating and accumulating, earning me an interest of 7-8% :slight_smile:

The only time I used my Fiverr money was a year ago when I had my house repainted, otherwise I don’t touch it.

But I’ve been to Starbucks twice…really…what’s the big deal? There’s nothing great about their coffee, it’s just the hype and the branding. It’s more about being seen having coffee at Starbucks and talking about having coffee at Starbucks than the coffee itself :smiley:

My office building is on the 6th floor, and on the ground floor there is a Starbucks. In most cases I drink the cheap instant coffee from my office break room, but for me, getting out of the office, taking the elevator downstairs and walking into the Starbucks is actually a very good break. It just gives me that short little time to walk away from my desk. Plus the staff knows me so they sometimes gives me extra! :smiley:
True it’s not a big deal, it’s expensive…but for me it’s worth paying for, hehehe.

@writer99025 You nailed it.

I enjoy fancy coffee from different shops as an experience more than just a cup of java. It’s a treat to sit back and sip a hot steaming brew with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel! I don’t do it often so I agree that it’s fun, especially with a friend!

To answer your question, my tips often just go in the bank but if I’m saving for a goodie it’s different! I got a very nice tip a couple of days ago so I gave myself a cash advance out of PayPal and bought a video game. :slight_smile:

I love caramel. Just saying.

I wonder why that coffee from cat poo is super expensive. Starbucks is not expensive at all compared to this cat poo coffee. I am not a fan of coffee (I drink coffee sometimes but I will not go crazy if I don´t drink coffee for one day, even for one year). I wonder if anyone has tried that coffee. I won´t try it. I read many of them cats are put in cages their whole lives.

:slight_smile: I agree about the whole Starbucks thing. @zeus777 I am happy you treat yourself and I think it’s so kind of you to include friend since he introduced you to Fiverr. NICE ;).

I loooooooooooooove caramel too.

…and yes, I had to say that. LOL. :smiley:

Awe, thank you!
My best friend is one of those people where you just want to say wow, this person must be an angel… I’m sure he’s hiding a pair of wings under his T-shirt.
His favorite is the caramel frappucino BTW.
Mine? Caramel machiato. The white chocolate mocha too. :smiley: