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Buying tips? To avoid fake gigs and scams?


Hello. I am new to buying and was wondering what are ways to avoid fake gigs and scams? I noticed that some sellers have a lot of the same reviews from same people. is that normal? I’m mostly searching for essay gigs. I don’t want to purchase one, wait for nothing and end up failing. Thanks!


Submit your request to buyers request page and try to communicate clearly to the seller after reading his/her gig description carefully…


Though this is not always right, But-
If a seller has a lot of reviews(to say more than 5-10) but all from the same person, then it says shouting that something is not right in here. (Mostly in cases of new sellers, it is a normal thing for sellers above or of level 1)


I can not agree, I have repetetive buyers who just come back to me when they need a service and they just use the simple and fast feedback such as “outstanding delivery”. And they appear more than 10 times without problem, actually one of my clients made me the whole gig very profitable in one month just because I was a perfect fit for his needs and the gig was not yet easily discoverable. Thus I have a long line of his reviews without other ones… so be careful when considering a gig to be fake without prior check of the buyer accounts - if they are top rated buyers, for example, or seasoned ones, I bet the gig is damn good, not fake or scam.

Different situation is when the seller is pretty fresh and does have a line of reviews from one account without other ones… most likely these rating accounts are also fresh and without avatar image.


You might have missed this part “…it is a normal thing for sellers above or of level 1)”.


Lol, sorry sir :wink:


No Problem. :+1:


Emjay, here’s a big tip. Read the negative reviews, and you need to read the ones that are more than a short phrase. Someone who takes to time to write in detail their experience, is a way to determine whether this gig is for you.


first communicate with seller and clear all the doubt also you can check his/her response time during your conversation


You can post a Buyer request, then many people will apply for that task. then you can discuss with them and also take test, if you like anyone then you can get service from right person.


What if I want to contact a buyer to ask how the service was. “Outstanding experience” means nothing if the item is going to take time to get to them and they have to review the experience before they receive the purchase


Some of the negative reviews will be thrown by all the new buyers like you.

You should read the description gigs gig, all my work is done in accordance descriptions, but sometimes new buyers do not read gigs gig before order.

That being the case why is there a bad review on fiverr. Because buyers do not read what other people are selling