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Buying Twitter Followers Here is a Scam


Don’t buy Twitter followers. The fiverr guy I used has disappeared and I have lost over half my “permanent” followers.


Did you report the seller to Customer Service? That would be a great first step.


I don’t think It’s the seller problem if you get unreal followers


vivialee - Yes! a majority of tweeter, Youtube, facebook, Linkedin, Pyramid SEO, really any seo, traffic to your website, these are all fake services. As much as someone tells you they can provide real services, they can’t. After a few months you’ll see your followers disappear suddenly. I’ve been saying this for a long time and we’ve tested many services on fiverr to see the result. Avoid these types of services on fiverr. Unfortunately, even outside of fiverr there are bad services. You need to get a referral from another friend or business that you can confirm that they had success with those services. Good luck.


Well, it is also important to know that it is against the rules of Twitter to buy followers, so technically any gig you find is going to be scam to a certain extent. And also buy buying followers you run the risk of getting your own Twitter account shut down.


Reply to @nopirosyadi: You would have to be able to get 500 real people from all over the world to go and click the buyer’s page if what you are saying is true. Plus you say you can get them to do it within 24 hours. Sorry, but I flat out don’t believe you can do that. If you get paid $5 to do it, you give each of those 500 people their share of the money? Come on, be serious. If you aren’t using a bot, you explain how you do it without one.


I advise you to stay away from sellers have no guarantee in these services

I sell Twitter followers and the surest retrieve any drop for 60 days


There are services that can identify “fake” twitter followers. Some are even free. It’ll become evident pretty quickly that none of these services provide any real followers.


The title of this post is wrong: “Buying Twitter Followers Here is a Scam” should be “Buying Twitter Followers is a Scam”. It’s a scam here on Fiverr, and anywhere else. It’s not a Fiverr thing, it’s a “buying followers” thing.


I have seen buyers giving positive feedback to those services and saying that their followers haven’t dropped since months. I am not sure, this is what I saw. If I had money to buy Twitter followers, I would have definitely tried it once.

So sorry for what happened to you.


Some other website does do scam but guys be careful out there. you should check our website. Its totally safe and legit, all organic. Buy youtube views and buy real instagram followers. Just try it bro and you’ll be safe and happy


“I need to make more sales. I know, I’ll find a thread that hates my service and is also a year old and use that as a part of my marketing strategy, that will definitely work. I just need to be reassuring and drive people to my website. What could possibly go wrong with this awesome plan”

Zzzzzz. If you can’t even get self promotion right, I doubt you do a great job with your “real followers”.


What? Some other website does do scam people? How awfully shocking!

I’m so pleased that your website is so totally safe and legit. I’ll be right over and order as soon as the world bank gets the suitcase full of money that somehow belongs to me from the lost property area of Denver airport. See you soon!


Buying Twitter followers could work just don’t expect 1000’s of “real” followers for only $5.

“Keeping it real with the Jeyman”.


I think you are not …Right


spam, scam, what’s the difference?


I believe I covered that 3 posts up.


The problem is that used fake twitter follower with using exchange follower website.


These are all scams,I don’t believe them!


SPAM is an annoying method to get you to do something and sometimes people spam just for fun and to annoy others.
SCAM is a kind of thing where someone harms you for personal gains such as stealing something from you. (so it’s more painful)