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Buying video recorder + Zoom H1 and need advice


Dear people who are smarter than me in this subject, :wink:

I know this is super long.

Maybe my main question is this—it seems that a camcorder with no mic input is much cheaper than one with a mic input. I’m gonna use an external mic (Zoom H1). Am I ok without the mic input then syncing audio and video later? I have more questions below if you’d like to advise a little more. :slight_smile:

I finally did it—took a loan from the bank in order to invest in equipment for one aspect of my business! So what I buy has to be durable and reliable for at least a few years (because I won’t have this kind of money again for years), AND cost as little as possible (obviously).

So here I am asking for your advice on what to buy and one aspect of the set up.

One of the purchases, which I have not yet made, is a laptop and started a thread about that a few days (link is below).

Here’s what I’m talking about today: recording videos with an external mic.
!!! I’ve already bought the mic (Zoom H1) IT’S ON ITS WAY AND PAID FOR. So no fights about Rode vs. Zoom please. :sweat_smile:

I am going to be making several DIFFERENT types of videos, so hope you keep reading this post to see why the matter is a bit complicated.

What I will be recording:

  • Vlogs for YouTube.

  • Audio tracks for my songs (me singing, on guitar and other instruments).

  • High quality videos BOTH inside and outside of me/others doing things and talking, etc.

  • Hopefully fiv gigs - video testimonials and voiceovers or something else.
    However, I’m not filming a film for Hollywood . . .

:penguin: :penguin: :penguin:

My idea was this—Panasonic HC-V180K camcorder + ZOOM H1 + Audio Technica ATR3350 lapel mic. [Lapel to plug in Zoom for certain recording situations.]

I myself don’t know what specs a video camera should have, and this Panasonic was recommended to me by someone who apparently understands all this stuff (he’s away now so can’t ask him).

I ordered those already, and the confusion began now when the store called to say that the Pana doesn’t have a mic input.

Then I started thinking - wait, do I even need a mic input if I’m using the ZOOM H1??

I know that if I record audio and video separately, I need to sync in editing. This I know takes a lot of time.

But what if I don’t need to edit the audio? I mean—what if the situation is that the audio comes out good enough WITH the video, and all I need to do is a little editing to the video . . . then if the ZOOM is plugged into the video camera, am I correct that the video file will include the audio from the ZOOM?

Or is it that using any external mic means you must sync the audio and video files?

I do know that the most important thing is audio quality, so an external mic is a must. It seems that this type of video camera is best because it has the flip screen (need for vlogging) + better quality video than a smartphone.

The camera I mean looks like this: :video_camera:

A smartphone is another option, but I would have to buy it. I don’t like having one, so would need to buy one. I would only use it as a video camera. I know that syncing is super easy and fast using one. If I go this route, I was told that for my budget the best would be a Samsung Galaxy J7 or 5.

But, battery life is very important and isn’t it very short when recording video on a smartphone?

Another reason I chose the Panasonic instead of the Samsung is that I was told the video quality is always better on a real video camera.
In Israel, both the Panasonic I mentioned above and the Samsung are each about the same price: $285.

The ZOOM is $170.

That’s in my budget and can’t really afford more because of all the other stuff I have to buy.

Oh and the Lav mic is $77.

Just a few other issues:

  • Video camera must have the best image stabilizer because my hand shakes when holding a light camera.
    I will get a tripod, but when filming while walking, the tripod won’t help shaky hands.

  • Think I need a wide-angle lens to attach because on a camcorder the widest angle built in is already very close when recording your own face while holding the camera (I think).

You’ve read until here . . . thank you! I love you! :bouquet: :blush:

Oh important note: I ALREADY BOUGHT THE ZOOM. IT’S ON ITS WAY AND PAID FOR. So no fights about Rode vs. Zoom please.

Thanks bunnies and hedgehogs.
Hugs, May (Maytal) :panda_face:

p.s :vhs: , I miss you.


I have a Youtube channel featuring my dogs. I only use a Go-pro camera to record and Video Maker to edit. Sometimes I use quadcopter for certain angles. Very simple :slight_smile:

Good luck for your Youtube channel!


Thanks :slight_smile: (20 characters la la la)


If your editing program can display the waveform, it’s a matter of seconds to sync the camera’s audio recording with the good one from the Zoom.


Thanks @idostuff74
Do you mean when you clap in the beginning?
And does this mean that the Panasonic with no mic input is fine? That’s my main question I guess.


Like so:

Blue is video, the grayed out is the audio that came with the recording (too loud), top row is the external, “good” audio. Align waveforms, done.


I think your camera choice is good, but if you wish to purchase a camera with all the features of the panasonic PLUS mic input, you could take a look at these model:

Canon VIXIA HF R72:

Canon VIXIA HF R700:

Those are around the almost same price range of the Panasonic and has good reviews.


Thanks @djgodknows
I just checked and in Israel those 2 cameras cost almost twice what the Panasonic costs.

I can’t figure out 2 things:

  1. I’ve read a hundred articles about all this, and absolutely everyone besides idostuff says that syncing is a long and difficult process.
  2. So I’m wondering whether or not connecting the zoom h1 directly into the camcorder means no need to sync.


Let me break it down to you in laymans.

The moment you connect an external mic to the camera, the internal mic would/should be disabled. So from then onwards the audio recorded will be directly placed in the video file.

This means you would NOT need to edit the video file.
Which mean you would NOT need to sink the H1 audio file separately.


If you do the syncing first thing on the complete take, I don’t see how it’s difficult - but maybe I’m missing something. Of course, without seeing the audio, it’s a pita.


If you do the syncing first thing on the complete take, I don’t see how it’s difficult - but maybe I’m missing something. Of course, without seeing the audio, it’s a pita.

@idostuff74 I want to show you what I mean. Here’s an example. I’ve seen and heard variations of whats in this Q&A a million times. I don’t understand what they’re talking about by the way.

(Mods this link has nothing to do with me, it’s just an article about editing video I found on the web)



A-ha. Well, the long answer makes a lot of sense! That said, I’ve personally never had an issue with just aligning audio tracks by waveform (but I’ve only done this up to single-digit minutes and with video tracks made by the computer where the internal clock should be rock-solid)


Ok. So you can tell by the list of different types of videos I need to make + the equipment I’m gonna use, that editing is gonna be complicated.

I’m still googling to find out how a camcorder with a mic input will affect the length of time editing + sound quality.


In case anyone is interested in an update, here it is:
I have everything I need! Well, emojis of them. Plus a unicorn cuz if I can have all the imaginary things I want, then I want a unicorn too.

This is so frustrating. Weeks of trying to figure it out—I’m :point_right: this :point_left: close to using the money to buy a :airplane: ticket for a month in Europe instead.

Ahhhh . . . yes, a month or two in Europe. Sitting at cafes all day scribbling away at my book with pencil and paper.

It’s 3 am + I’m in a bad mood + I live alone + I have internet + took a bank loan. . . I feel it coming on. Two—maximum three clicks of the mouse :mouse: , print ticket, pack a bag, and in a few hours I could be in Sevilla.

Ok I need to have a life coach session or something with someone wise cuz this lifestyle of infinite choices and possibilities + lack of sleep (been awake for 44 hours and still can’t fall asleep) has got me all :confounded: loony bins.


Zoom H1 arriving today. DOES ship the following to Israel, and the cost including shipping + customs, is much less than buying here.
This is what I’m gonna order today:

This has a mic input, so with the Zoom, files will be synced already saving hours of hell for each video :slight_smile:
Thanks especially to @djgodknows for all your help leading me to this camcorder

In order to vlog:

Plus tripod for camcorder, filters for mics, etc.