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Buying without permission

I too used to complain about the same thing! However, since I have spend a lot of time now on Fiverr I changed my Gigs in such a way that even if the user orders without permission he will surely get the service as per my gig description or package.

E.g Recently I used to get order on my gig where user never gave info so that I can complete the work because of which I had to cancel many orders, So finally I add a requirement in the order that: If you don’t have info ready please message me by this at least order did not get started.

Similarly in your gigs just adds those things that even if the buyer orders you will be able to deliver the work be it after some conversation but at least you will not have to cancel the order.

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Well, the point of having a gig up is that you are
a) capable
b) available to do it.

If you do not have time, use the vacation mode. However if you are looking at the amount of competition, you may not be that picky. If you are not available, someone else will be. Unless you have a really unique service no one offers on fiverr and there is a super high demand for it. (highly unlikely)

Good luck!

I like this idea a lot. Some will probably put the message in the order requirements section though. That will make the order begin.

You can put a message to contact you first in the gig description but that doesn’t stop people ordering without contacting you. They can buy the premium gig and put rubbish in the requirements and cancel or they can order the gig without contacting, despite the message and despite quite a high price and start the order without having linked to/attached all the requirements while at the same time specifying that they want it a lot earlier than the gig package specified (eg. even though they don’t have the voice over file that they say their delivery requires, and are still in the process of trying to get that done).

I’m not sure if putting the message in the gig requirement section would make it any less likely they’d have not started the order in the above cases (eg. the very first line of the gig in the 2nd case had said to contact before ordering but they didn’t read or do that).

So I still think we need the ability to set this accept/deny option on gigs (it doesn’t need to be every gig), as well as the ability to set more specific pricing than just 3 prices (eg. if voice over/writing gigs can make it more specific why can’t other gig types?).

It’s for people who is working exclusively on fiverr. I think if you spent more time then this will make sense.

Yes, recently one added text in that too. But few people even did message that they don’t have all info and gave me infor before starting.

So it is helpful so adding that will not be a harmful thing though it can be by passed easily by adding simple text.

If you don’t want to get a job to do, then you shouldn’t create a gig. Or if you don’t have time you could also pause your gig.

No, all online business approve the order. For example if I enter in any online store and order a product, they will send me, or refund me if they have no more stock of that product. They only approval is about the payment method.

I agree that some cancellations shouldn’t affect your ratings, but if you don’t want to sell, this is not the right place.

We live in a world of instant gratification and purchases with a simple card touch. Everything is made to be easy to consume, to convince people to order more and faster. If you give too much time for your client to think about a particular purchase, they might change their mind.

This sounds very money-orientated, but I do believe it is somewhat the basis of the oversimplification of payment systems, not only on Fiverr, but everywhere!

As a seller here, once you open a gig and you are active, you must be prepared to take on whatever it comes. Like others said, if you don’t want it active, go out of office mode.

I think demotions based on cancellation were introduced exactly because some people became very picky with their orders, canceling those they didn’t liked and buyers felt discriminated and complaint about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you like, for example, when you get into a taxi to be asked how far you go, and if you don’t go far enough to be invited to get out? Because that’s how it feels to be refused on Fiverr because your order is too simple/complicated/whatever.

That’s not a very relevant example though that’s close to what Fiverr does. eg. find a single online post production company that will do anything for just one of 3 possible prices, without needing to discuss the project or the client’s requirements first. And if you find one, are they really a good company for not discussing the project first with their client and for only allowing 3 possible prices?

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It could be an option, just like accepting custom orders is an option, and both could be also filter-able.


I see what you mean. Yet, I have seen many freelancing services (outside Fiverr) that have simple packages like 1, 2 and 3, and you choose one of them.

I guess it makes things easier for the freelancer too.

But, to be honest, I have a lot of orders out of custom orders. :grin:

Rarely my clients buy without talking with me first. Don’t know why. Maybe the writing biz.

The writing gigs have the option of the “number of words” box, but there’s no option to specify duration or number of frames in video gig (eg. in a rotoscoping gig it might help if the price could be based on number of frames required, but also to break it down further eg. nr of frames, number of objects, amount of detail/object complexity - but some things like that would be better with the seller checking the content first). But Fiverr only gives 3 possible packages (3 possible prices - excluding offers).

So certain types of gigs (writing, voice over) do have more control than other gigs, and probably less need for this option.

I see. Yea, it makes sense. :slight_smile:

Although it would be nice, I don’t think Fiverr will implement the Accept Order feature.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: