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Buying Without Speaking First

First of all, I am not sure if this is truly a rant. Maybe a concern? Either way, it is bothering me.

To introduce myself, I like to be called Krissy. I am a seller on Fiverr who likes to do voiceovers. On my gig page is a section of Terms that lets the Buyer know what I do and don’t do. One of those is that I would prefer to discuss the gig before ordering.

About an hour ago, a buyer purchased an order from me. That’s great and all EXCEPT…

Here’s where the problem comes in.

The Buyer never discussed this order with me before hand. Instead they went ahead and ordered then pretty much said (to make it short), “Hello! Here’s what I want and I made an order. Thank you!” without speaking to me first!! That’s it!!! I never got to speak to this person before hand! So now I have a order sitting in my inbox that’s due in two days.

I like to have the decision whether or not to work with a buyer. That’s my right! They didn’t give me the chance! They never gave me the option to decide if I want to work with them or not. You’d think that discussing work with someone before finalizing it would be common sense. I suppose not.

Another thing: On my gig page is a list of voiceover samples that I’ve done in the past. This person happened to mention that they want my voice to sound like a character in one of my samples, except I don’t have a character by the name that they mentioned (which is Chloe). I’ve never voiced a character by that name. So of course I contacted them about my concerns over this order. I am patiently waiting for their reply (it has been only an hour since then).

My Terms are written clearly and to the point. Either this person misread some things or they just listened to my samples and skipped the Terms. I don’t know. I am irritated about this. Communication is very important to me when it comes to working with others. I prefer to communicate before any work is written in stone.

I am curious if something like this has ever happened to any Sellers or Buyers on Fiverr? Have you ever run into this issue or similar?


Hi and welcome.

I have “Please contact me” everywhere on my VO gigs. As 25+ year VO guy, I know my limits and openly admit that not every script or job is suitable for my voice range, my voice styles and other factors. I’d say about 50% contact me first. Many of the orders go smoothly. However, I get those orders where they send a script and a link to a YT video and say, “I need you to sound exactly like this.” when it’s clearly something out of my male vocal range or does not match any of the samples in the video on my VO gigs. But I don’t get irritated. It’s not perfect. But as you grow on Fiverr and tweak your gig, it will get better. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks for your comment. The funny thing is that I DO have a “Contact me” at the end of my Terms and description section. I think it’s a matter of that sadly people refuse to read anything anymore… =/ Therefore I feel the need to write a million words just to get my point across. Apparently, being clear and to the point is too difficult for some people to understand.

Oh and I’ve been there before. Many people have asked to perform certain voices that I have no ability of. Really, if you make a voice actor go over their limits their voices become strained and risk the loss of their talent. :frowning:

chibiwings said: The funny this is that I DO have a "Contact me" at the end of my Terms and description section.

So do I, but, if they don't read it or don't do it, we have to work with what we get. Fiverr wasn't built to give Sellers the option to accept or refuse gigs.

The model is, that it's supposed to be something WE WILL DO for $5, not something that we will debate doing.
voiceoverwork said: The model is, that it's supposed to be something WE WILL DO for $5, not something that we will debate doing.

This should be the post at the top of the page when every seller signs in! I know some stuff needs a little back and forth, but so many sellers would avoid frustration if they just stuck with the way this place is supposed to operate. :)

chibiwings, I was going to suggest that you move your "CONTACT FIRST" info to the beginning of your description, but then I noticed something that may prove more troublesome for you... it's against Fiverr Terms to deal with buyers outside of the Fiverr site. Using the message system just to exchange email info can get your gig removed - especially if there's no reason you can't deliver your finished product via Fiverr.

Of course, now that I've said what the "rules" are - there is every possibility that Fiverr will never notice, and even if they do, they might be fine with it (the rules are insanely inconsistent here). It's also possible to get permission for 'outside' contact through Customer Service. I just wanted to let you know.
chibiwings said: I am curious if something like this has ever happened to any Sellers or Buyers on Fiverr? Have you ever run into this issue or similar?

I totally agree with @itsyourthing that moving the Contact First to the beginning is a great idea. Also as @voiceoverwork said me saying, "I will ..." is me permitting them to send me their order.

However, I've probably only had two people actually not ask before they placed an order (and I'm still relatively new here) but most of the time they're just letting me know what they're sending and not actually "asking."

In any case I just assume the person listened to my samples and wants me to do something similar to what they think I can do in the range I presented in my demos. A lot of them don't know that I actually have a huge range so I'm not too worried about that. So I'm not too worried about not being able to do something.

In any case, at Level 1 at least you have the option to mutually cancel the order under the resolutions tab but for right now I'd just try talking to the buyer to see if they can work things out with you to either cancel the order or make it work for them.
chibiwings said: the end

That's the problem. Sadly, people don't read the bottom (sometimes any) of the Gig description and Fiverr has yet to make this a requirement. They don't penalize buyers for not reading what each Gig advertises, so if there is an issue and they cancel it hurts the Seller.

Post a big highlighted banner on the top of your description (and mention it in your Gig video too) that states "All buyers MUST contact me prior to ordering." for your line of work I would even go so far as to state: "All buyers much contact regarding a prospective order for Seller approval." or something of that nature.

Best of luck to you!
thepromogirl said: I would even go so far as to state: "All buyers much contact regarding a prospective order for Seller approval." or something of that nature.
That can be construed as complicated to buyers who already don't pay enough attention. ;) I'd stick with "All buyers must contact me before ordering."

I think I say at least twice on my ordering description to PLEASE MESSAGE ME before ordering. It is so helpful when I can talk it out first before starting an order. This helps weed out the “serious buyers” from the “I am not sure what I want” buyers. I like to know what I am doing first before they order. I wish Buyers would learn to read! I don’t have this happen often but when it does happen -_- doesn’t make me very happy :-w

Thank you everyone for your feedback and suggestions. I’ve listened and have applied them to thought. I was going to update my gig with your advice, but then Fiverr did something unexpected: It took down my gig for review.

It told me that I can’t refer others to outside websites (it was referring to my voiceover samples which are linked to Youtube.) Now… here’s another problem. When I started that gig over a year ago, I tried to upload my own voiceover demo (which I created!) and it wouldn’t allow it!!! It didn’t even have any copyrighted material. It only had a photo of myself and my own voice on it! And it was a wmv. format video, only under 100mb.

So… If I can’t add a voiceover demo, or even link out my samples, then how the heck am I supposed to show what I can do??? Buyers can’t know what my abilities are without listening to my demos!!!

I just… I really have no idea what to do. I’ve run into so many obstacles on this site. I really don’t want to leave this site because it is very fun and a simple way to make money. It’s nice to make even a tiny bit of money doing what I love. But if Fiverr won’t let me do that then… =/ This isn’t the first problem I’ve had with Fiverr. Maybe it’s time to try another alternative.


The video (photo) with your voice demo track on it should work. I’ve got one running right now. Just make sure it fits all the other vid requirements. Oh and I used mp4.

I really like your tone, all puns aside :smiley:

Reply to @kjblynx: Ha! I tried to link to those certain urls and it still wouldn’t allow it! I have no idea what is going on. I guess I’m just not meant to use it.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I did follow the requirements and it didn’t work. Never has it worked for me. =/

I don’t know. I give up on this site. It was a nice idea at first but now it just isn’t working. Going on vacation mode for a while.

@chibiwings I have a “please message me prior to ordering to discuss order” highlighted right at the top of all my gigs, and clients will still order without reading the directions. Let’s just say I have come to the conclusion that there are sure a lot of people that don’t know how to read directions lol… it’s frustrating, but nothing you can really do

And here I am as a buyer. I contact two gigs to describe my needs and get a price to do the job. I expect to pay more for my extras, I just need to know how much. I also include I’d like their express job for $10 extra.

One says response time is 1 hour and the other is 16 hours. Nothing after 36hours. Not even an acknowledgement that they have received my request for info.

How long does Fiverr hold a Contact Message befor they pass it on to the seller? Fiverr could do much better with their messaging system anyway. Not very intuitive.

@justdonp It’s not for certain that a Seller will reply at the response time rate listed on a gig. Response time is just an average reply time that a Seller will usually reply according the total average time it has taken to reply to past orders. Fiverr doesn’t hold any messages as far as I know, they get passed to a Sellers inbox directly

its better to cancel such orders rather than wasting your precious time

Reply to @justdonp: “response time” can be very misleading - like much on this site, it doesn’t seem to be consistent - mine will change even if I haven’t had any new sales or communications from potential buyers - I’m assuming it updates at random times and I believe it’s only based on orders, not general communications.

Email notifications to the seller can also take days to come through, so if a seller is relying on the email system instead of signing in repeatedly throughout the day, it can be awhile before they know you’ve contacted them.

I’d consider looking for other sellers, if the “response times” you’ve listed are actually accurate and not ‘Fiverr mess-ups’, it seems like the folks you contacted are pretty quick when there’s money to be had, but aren’t that interested in questions that may lead to an order. Just my opinion though. Good luck.