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Buying your own gig

I just want to ask if any of you here have accidentally ordered your own gig? Like when you looking through your own gig and your finger itching and click on the payment button?

I never have the experience and hopefully, someone can enlighten me what happened you order your gig?

Or will the system even allow you to buy your own gig?


I did click on the place your order button once, but fiverr didn’t allow me to continue. (I’m not really sure about this one.)
However, I’ve read somewhere on the forum that they accidentally sent a quote to themselves and things got sort of messy.


You cannot buy your own gig, nor is there any purpose in doing so.

I am wondering why do you even need to buy your own gig, before placing an order there are two phase once you continue and after that it ask for confirmation, if you still do it by mistake then you probably want to do so.
it is kinda similar to the question can i drink water from my nose? it is better not to get the feel of everything. Best of luck have a fun day :wink:


Why do you want to buy your own gig?

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Is like why do some people message themselves, so IDK maybe they want to be experimental

we know that, I’m just curious have any newbie have try it?

Yep, this forum is just for fun, I never order gig before, so I not sure about the ordering procedure. Forgive me, I’m too poor to order a gig haha

Sounds like someone who wants to purchase their own gig so they can manipulate ratings and reviews. Asking their question on the forum in hopes of finding someone who done it successfully without being penalized so they can go ahead and do it as well.:man_shrugging:t4:


wow, someone here trying to be a detective. Please read the comment, this post is only just for fun.
I’m not a new seller, been here for 1+ years, I know that you can’t buy your own gig, that will result in your account get banned :tipping_hand_man:

I read it again and there’s nothing in your original post that hints your question is “just for fun”. I’m not playing detective, just stating the only reason I could think of as to why would someone post this on the forum.

He didn’t state that in his original post, but he did say that in one of his replies.

ok, sorry I didn’t edit my original post

Don’t live in a life full of suspicious ( it very tiring), life is short, enjoy the fun when you can :slight_smile:

Or the question you might have been wanting to ask was could I therefore award myself 5 star feedback…


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wow, that’s an amazing idea, haven’t think of that before.
I will definitely try now. You see , I get interesting answer here :smile:

I agree with @j6nyc6

Strange question to ask “just for fun”

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When I search for your username it shows that your account has gone.

Yes, another person who search my name, I already explain it quite a lot, lazy to explain fully.
All in all, I quit fiverr, then rejoin

All seems rather suspicious to me!

“of course, I hide my account to avoid people to search me via username :slight_smile:

The above is the answer you gave before.

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