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By Mistake a buyer ordered my Gig and need to cancel, What can I do?


Hello everybody,

A buyer by mistake has ordered my gig and need to cancel, here is her message

"Hi, I was looking through gigs and my finger must have accidentally hovered over the ‘‘order’’ button. I did not wish to order this gig-can you kindly reverse. Thanks"



I already asked her but no reply at all…If i declined what will happen?


Yes, it will. I suggest that you ask the buyer if they are interested in any other gig you have. If not, then you will have to cancel, unfortunately.


Go to the order page and near top click the green “Resolution Center” link.

Check the radio button that says, “My buyer and I would like to cancel this order.”


Is this mutual cancellation will affect my reputation?


I can honestly say this happened to me the other day. It is sooo easy to accidentally place an order when viewing the mobile site. I immediately messaged the seller and she rudely said she was not responsible for my negligence and I needed to have CS cancel the order.

Please don’t be THAT seller and agree to cancel the order. I can tell you accidents do happen.


Actually i have talked with my buyer and she said, no need to cancel this order, she will submit the required information to start the work tomorrow. Nice buyer…


Congrats :slight_smile: